Phantom Pain Items

- Phantom Cigar .

The beloved Cigar returns. It also has a special function in this game like the cigarettes did in previous Metal Gear Solid games/installments.

The Phantom Cigar plays the chorus from "Sins Of the Father"when used. It can speed up Snake's perception of time. Making it go by at a very fast rate. This is great for tight spots where
you may be waiting. Turning day to night or night to day and for relaxation and mental refreshment.

Pentazemin is a nerve stabilizer. In this game it only work when in first person shooting mode. Auto-Aim Correction has no altered effect when combined with pentazemin. You can hold 10 of these at a time perhaps more at a higher grade. They are pretty cheap to make and no where near as rare as parasite armor supplies so feel free to use them often.

When aiming down the sights in first person shooting mode, you will have a major increase in accuracy and gun stability. The game states it causes less hand tremors or shaking of the hands. Really awesome and useful.

Noctocyanin is a must use especially if you do not have D-Dog at the time. Most importantly it does not affect your S-RANK status so you can use it as much as you would like anytime. It is still pretty cheap to make. However you can hold less Noctocyanin then you can Pentazemin. I believe the max is 6 at highest grade and the length is increased to about 25 seconds.

What Noctocyanin does is NOT mark enemies. However you can see blue figures of them in far distances. This is amazing while sneaking and infiltrating hot zones. Vs skulls in a mission called code talker especially on extreme, this is very important. The way skulls move is odd and you always want to be a step ahead. 

Noctocyanin can be taken with acceleramin and pentazemin with no side effects. There are also no known side effects that are harmful to health from taking the drug for venom snake at least. Use with caution others.

Your going to see in the video below that this stuff is awesome. It's how I took down the pesky skull that flanks you in extreme code talker mission. That skull can one shot you and she is FAST. Thanks to acceleramin and used with quick command button it saved the day. Notice I also combined this with both pentazemin and noctocyanin on that mission FTW !

Regardless this is an amazing tool/medicine. It captures the same effect as reflex mode would. It can be used without disturbing your S-RANK. It can also be used during mission where reflex mode is unavailable. So you can artificially or so to speak instate reflex mode on EXTREME missions without fear.

Once again gaining head shots keeping up stealth and S-RANK runs are much easier once you get the hang of using these. Downside is you can only hold up to 4 at max grade. So use them wisely per mission. You may also supply drop for more of these. However that takes time and you will lose more points. Note this goes for all medicines.

Night vision gear is awesome. It can be upgraded and detects the heat tempature of objects and animals even personnel. The game can be quite dark sometimes so this is always a good option to have under your items tab.

Parasites can only be acquired after you can destroy skull enemies. Parasites can also only be obtained if you extract skulls. They are somewhat rare because of this. Also they do not sell for much and supply seems very limited. They come in 3 forms. 

Mist - This allows Snake or the player to create a mist very much like a sand storm. It will obscure vision of enemies. However you will be able to see animals and personnel as if you were using Noctocyanin.

Camouflage - This works just like Stealth P.P. except it takes a few more moments to activate. You can also carry more of these at one time then Stealth P.P. It is also useful because you can carry both mist camouflage and stealth P.P.

Armor - This will increase your resistance to enemy attacks. You can carry a few although I find the camouflage to be the most useful. Remember you must have the parasite suit on to use parasite items. Also any use or even using parasite suit will restrict the player to A-RANK. S-RANKS are not possible this way.

It may seem Ludacris but this box is very useful and is a serious part of the gameplay in metal gear solid V. It is a great way to hide and sneak around in the game. It comes in various patterns/colors which is more durable with the higher grade it has. It also comes into use during the side ops 51-60. You can use this and walk to the soldiers and they will begin to come towards Snake. Then you can grab them for easier extraction without hassle.

They come in Forest,Wet,Red Soil,Desert,and City Camouflage colors. You can also FAST travel in both Africa and Afghanistan via DELIVERY POINTS with the cardboard box. You should ALWAYS have one in your inventory of items.

In my opinion one of the most useful items in the game. This is especially true when going for 100% objectives. Sometimes sneaking around is fun. Other times you just want to start running a bit faster. This is where the stealth camouflage prototype comes in. It last quite a while at max grade and will keep you invisible meaning you can run and use tactical or silent takedowns on enemies. Be warned if you are hit you will be out of the camouflage.


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