Phantom Pain SMG

- Sz-336 SMG - Sub Machine Gun - HD Action                               
Very nice looking SMG. Comes with fitted stock for stability. Starts at  
Grade 2. Can be upgraded at level 8 R&D team/created. Nice gun. I like   
it because it can crowd control a bit. Also it can not only knock out enemies it can kill them as well.So you have an option compared to always bringing  around a tranquilizer weapon/ windurger.                                 

- RIOT - SMG - Sub Machine Gun -

  HD Rubberized Bullets .STN.                             

The NON-LETHAL weapon version of the Sz-336 SMG. Most if not ALL non-lethal or NL versions of other weapons have the LIGHT BLUE on the barrel of the weapon. In the video above you will see how GREAT this weapon is even at a LOW grade for extracting even groups of enemies especially in small areas at once.The Rubberized Bullets will knock them out and stun them for sometimes  over a minute or even more. Nice looking gun as well as highly useful for extractions.

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