Phantom Pain Uniforms

The cyborg ninja costume can be obtained after completing ALL missions on normal mode. This means anything that is a relative replay mission. Examples : Extreme,Subsistence,Total Stealth. These do not count towards the costume goal.

The costume looks like something out of PlayStation one. This is a major let down. However it does increase run speed. It also has a very nice Raiden esque revengeance lighting bolt trail when you run. On top of that you can know down enemy soldiers that you run into and damage them or perhaps knock them out STN. See the video below to get an idea if you would like it or not.

I apologize for having no video on this. As far as I know I am currently demon snake. The game states that the word INFINITY is embroided on the bandana. Perhaps due to being covered in demon blood I can not see the word. Regardless you can get this from beating EVERY main mission in the game 1-50. Nothing else is required but main mission objectives. This item lets you carry UNLIMITED ammunition. However it will restrict you to NO S-RANKS.


The Sneaking Suit returns in all of it's former glory. This suit can dampen your sounds while moving. It also is a dark color making you harder to see especially at night. You can even HEAL faster with certain upgrades for this suit. Awesome looks and a pure Solid Snake CLASSIC. Also Has INCREASED damage resistance. 

This is probably the most defensive armor in the game if not the obvious best. It is filled with bullet proof ceramic plates on top of the basic sneaking suit. It is rather big and bulky however. Combine this one with a shield and upgrade to max and you have top defense.









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