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- QUIET - Sinful Butterfly - HD - Grenade Ricochet Tactic - Video

This is A Quiet Montage. It shows off the correct usage of the grenade ricochet command. You can earn this command after reaching BOND level 8. The skill will ricochet a grenade into another enemy. This sometimes can cause AoE ( area of effect ) damage.

 The trick is you must be locked onto that particular target with Quiet to concord the ricochet. This can be very useful if shot into a GROUP of enemy forces rushing towards SNAKE. That is if you can pull it off precisely enough.

The Sinful Butterfly in the video is at GRADE #4. It is quite powerful and can one shot almost all basic enemy troops. Whoa Whoa.



- QUIET - First look : The Wicked Butterfly : HD Video :

The Wicked butterfly is a grade#2 starting weapon for Quiet. It does DMG or Damage to the enemy. Later on you will find more variations of this BRENNAN sniper rifle customized for Quiet only. This one can be graded up as well and has different stats compared to Sinful butterfly.

The Guilty Butterfly is another Brennan model long barrel sniper rifle. This one however in the video is currently grade#3. I now have a Grade #5. The difference between this one and the other two however, is that this one deals ZZZ or Tranquilizing damage. It will put an enemy to sleep rather then killing it.

The Silver or better yet Naked silver uniform is a pure silver liquid color over for Quiet the Sniper. You can gain this simply by just raising your R&D teams level during the course of the game. The game says it can leave enemies Awestruck ? However after further testing we can conclude it is just cosmetic.

The naked blood uniform leaves Quiet covered in tons of enemy blood or fake blood as the game states. The game also states it strikes fear into enemies hearts. However I do not notice any in game gameplay differences. The cosmetics do look excellent and is one of the better uniforms for Quiet.

Very much like it's silver counterpart. The only difference is that aside from obviously being gold over silver. The costume also has a higher R&D grade level / unit level to acquire it. Cosmetics of pure liquid looking gold will cover Quiet in an "awe" inspiring moment. No gameplay changes once again, simply cosmetic.

This is one of my favorites for Quiet. It makes her look like she is ready for combat as much as solid snake. This uniform is apparently one that she wears/wore when working for Cipher and the XOF.

You can acquire this one AFTER quiet saves the necklace at mother base for the kids. This will be a cutscene that happens after mission 39-40. You must have completed chapter one. Finally it will be available for R&D development.

You can acquire this one after beating Quiet the 2nd time. The mission will be Mission .41 EXTREME Cloaked In Silence. Once Quiet is defeated do NOT kill her yet again. You will receive the Handkerchief key item. This will allow you to develop the Sniper Wolf Armor for Quiet.













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