Deja Vu

Recreate the strangely familiar scenes showin in the mysterious photographs and head for the goal.


You have to refer to the photos Miller uploaded to your iDroid. The last picture is blank so leave it alone for now. You won't have any weapons during this mission and your only equipment is the night vision googles. Before recreating the first scene, go to the northeast (the safe landing zone) and watch out for directional mines planted along the way. You'll find a casette tape on the rock right outside the cave. (Resurgence and Theme of Tara music) Backtrack to the starting point and head towards the prison camp. You can get a shotgun in the back of the truck. After that, make your way to the southwest first.



Head to the warehouse area and pick up the Magazine weapon under the watchtower there. This is a good support item to distract or lure enemies. If you take out the guard in the watchtower that beams a different patterned light, you can point the light towards the black circle beside the warehouse to complete the Kojima Productions L.A. Logo.




A grenade is required to recreate this scene. You can get some by picking the lock and looting the armory. This is the small building south of the warehouses, has a red door and a Kojima Productions logo. Once inside, pick up the weapons and grenades then make your way to the refugee camp to the west. Find the parked armored vehicle there and lob a grenade inside.





You'll find a jeep in the helipad, a few steps away from the helicopter. Ride the jeep and drive it along the main road to the northeast and you'll recreate the scene as soon as you pass through the bridge.





Sneak to the helipad where the helicopter is parked. Carefully move around the helipad, preferably by following the main road to the northeast then slowly hide behind the large box. Slowly peek in the edge of the box when the guards are in their default positions and the scene will automatically recreate.




"Surveillance Camera"

From the helipad, go around to the northeast and go around the supplies. The red door has a guard and security cam. Hide behind the green metal crate to recreate this scene.





You need to infiltrate the administration building and take out the guards in the platform leading to the central tower. You can't do that in the northeast entrance so you have to go around and enter the red door to the northwest. Climb up the platform and take out the guards.



Now move the spotlights pointed at the helipad below so that the box in the middle is under a small patch of darkness. Once done, head to the central tower and pick up the Silent Pistol. Backtrack and collect the box.



On your way to the boiler room is a storage room with the red door. Unlock it to find a Metal Gear Solid logo and an AM MRS-4 Rifle.





The power boxes are located right after you enter the northwest door. Just pick the lock of either gates and operate the open panel to trigger a scene.





Head to the administration building's boiler room and find the moai head on top of a machine box beside some lockers on the northern wall.



After you're done, head to the goal and crawl in the open vent in front of the main gate to complete the mission.

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