Eliminate the Renegade Threat

Find and eliminate two Marines who made a name for themselves as ruthless assassins in Laos, and escape the mission area.

This mission takes place during the day so you don't have to worry about searchlights. However, enemies can see you more easily and you can't simply hide behind the shadows. Open your menu and select Mission Info to know what the targets look like. Continue up the hill and knock out the guard. Choose any of the two target movement locations and head there. Refer to your iDroid to know the faces of your targets. They won't have special markers but you'll know its them since they'll have two soldiers with them. Remember that these targets are always on the move. If you took too long, they will split up with their escorts and will make it harder for you to find them.


You can also find Chico's Casette #6 inside the armory south of the warehouse. This is the building with the red door.



Palitz is located to the northwest. Go through the tent camp since it will provide more cover. Just move carefully and quickly take out any targets that may spot you. If you get spotted and an alert has been raised, the other target will make his escape. When this happens, take out the target and reload the checkpoint. You'll start the checkpoint with him dead and the enemies unalerted.



The next target is found inside the base premises. Make your way inside without triggering the alarm. If you reloaded the checkpoint after killing the target, you'll find the next target running on the walls of the base. Tag him and sneak inside the red door to the northwest and you'll be inside the base. Once there, follow the path and knock out any guards. There's a storage shed there where you can wait for him to arrive. If you tagged him successfully and you moved in quickly, he'll be walking along this path. Take him out and escape the area. You can make your way towards the armored vehicle parked outside the main gate. Once you're inside, the enemies won't recognize you and you can just head towards the landing zone. Make sure you call the chopper in advance so when you arrived at the LZ, it will be there waiting for you.




Extracting the targets – "Depth" Trophy/Achievement

Make your way to the southeast leading to the prison camp, take out the first guard along the way. Quickly take out the second soldier near the prison camp gate then hide behind the ledge near the edge of the cliff and wait for the two soldiers to arrive via jeep. Knock them out as well.


Now continue to the south to reach a guard house. There's some tranq ammo inside so follow the main road and knock out the other soldier in the watchtower. Remember to tag any distant enemies you see; it will help you in anticipating them or avoiding them. Also, make sure to hide any bodies to prevent triggering any alerts. Continue to the armory south of the warehouse area where the first target is hanging out. Take out the soldier on the watchtower and tag the target.



Now go around and make your way to the space between the main road and the West Refugee camp. Make sure to knock out the guard patroling the refugee camp below. Hide in the bushes there and wait for the target to meet up with another soldier and walk towards you. Put them both to sleep, then hide the body of the other soldier in the bushes.



During this time, another soldier will disembark from a jeep and look around the area. Make sure to put him to sleep as well without anyone looking around. Hide his body then unlock the gate leading to the extraction point to the southwest. Call in the chopper and carry Palitz there. Load him to the chopper and proceed to your second target.



Your second target is patrolling with two other guards in walls of the admin building. Also, when your helicopter departs, the base will go on alert status which will scramble the soldiers out of their original posts because of the helicopter's arrival. You can proceed carefully and knock out any soldiers you can find. It will be better doing it this way since it will give you more breathing space later when you extract the other target.



Make your way to the northwest red door and sneak inside. The target with his two soldiers should be coming down the ladder at this point. If you missed them, you can just reload the checkpoint once it saves automatically when you enter the admin area.



Knock out the soldier guarding the armory area to the west then wait for the target to climb down the ladder. You can trank him or knock him out using CQC. Make sure to knock out the other two soldiers behind him as well. Leave the area and make your way to either eastern or southern extraction points – whichever path is cleared. Call in the chopper and load the target. Ride the chopper to leave the area and complete the mission. The achievement will be unlocked in the evaluation screen.



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