Intel Operative Rescue

The Mother Base agent undercover at the prison facility has signaled fro immediate evac. Secure the agent and escape the mission area by helicopter.


This is an assault mission. You need to switch between your rifle's automatic fire or the undermounted grenade launcher. Just fly around and take out all enemies you can spot. Once your VIP is spotted, take out all enemies so he can drive away. Use the grenade launcher to take out enemy vehicles and shoot the explosive barrels to take out multiple enemies as well. Do what you can to protect the VIP's vehicle.


As you move along the main landing zone, one of their anti-air emplacements will be manned. Use the grenade launcher to knock it out. Continue protecting the VIP until his vehicle is taken out and he's thrown to the ground, helpless. Take out more enemies then disembark from the chopper.



An armored vehicle will arrive afterward. Run towards the VIP and pick up the rocket launcher on the ground near him. Take cover and take out the armored vehicle. Three direct rocket hits should be enough to take it out. Now carry the VIP to the chopper and board it.


Have your rocket launcher ready and take out some of the foot soldiers. An enemy chopper will attack after a few moments so engage it and take it out. Three direct hits should be enough to destroy it. Just wait for your chopper to leave the combat area and the mission will be complete.



"Pacifist" Trophy/ Achievement

"Cleared the “Intel Operative Rescue” Side Op without killing a single enemy."

You have to use the Uragan pistol that knocks out the targets instead of killing them. Take out the enemy soldiers using this pistol; make sure to take them out quickly otherwise your character or the target will die. To take out enemy vehicles, you have to shoot the driver. Continue doing this until you reach the helipad where the target will get knocked out after his vehicle is totaled. Enemy induced explosions like when they accidentally shoot explosive barrels or ram their vehicles into one won't void the conditions for unlocking this achievement.



Take out more enemies and make sure to place their bodies away from the open space. Now pick up the VIP and an armored vehicle will arrive. Place the VIP on a safe cover then engage the armored vehicle. You can use a rocket launcher dropped by knocked out enemies but the chances of them getting caught in the splash damage is high. Make sure that you lure the armored vehicle away from the soldiers you knocked out then pummel it with rockets. Three hits should be enough to take it out. More soldiers will arrive; take time to knock them out then carry the target to the chopper.




In the next sequence, you have to take out the enemy chopper. If you have the rocket launcher, make sure to hit the enemy chopper itself and not the gunner. If you don't have one, use your Uragan pistol to knock out the gunner. After a while, the chopper will back down and the mission will be complete.



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