Archers of Morgoth (Cirith Ungol)

More fun with the undead, this time back in Cirith Ungol. But no more graugfrom- this time you ride in style.

As in the Balrog fight, your most powerful tactic is to hover close and methodically destroy opponents. You priority is the archers- the totems aren't going anywhere, and left alone the archers can and will kill Carnan, ending the mission. You can either eat them for health (L-SHIFT to pick up, then keeping holding L-SHIFT and left mouse button to devour), or dismount and let Talion take care of things his own way. With the archers all looking at Carnan, you can do an awful lot with stealth kills and Shadow Strikes.

When the archers are finally taken care of, you can dispose of the totems at leisure, just as before.

Cleansing the last totem completes the mission.

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