Army of the Dead (Minas Morgul)

One last standoff with Zog and his acolytes, as they attempt to raise an army of darkness. Note that this is one of tougher fights in the game- you'll be facing a lot of high level enemies, and Zog himself has only gotten tougher since his vacation through the veil. You'll want to set your Treasure Hunter Skill to Discerning Eye, and equipping upgrades and gear that replenish elfshot is highly recommended.

When you're ready, kick this one off back in Minas Ithil, now Minas Morgul, which has changed a bit since you first saw it.

As this mission starts, Zog returns from the grave, as talky as ever.

When he finally shuts up, you'll be faced with six totems to purify, each guarded by a reanimated warchief or captain you've killed in the past. Only now they're even more powerful.

Still, the good news is that they're relatively far apart- by executing guerilla attacks against each totem in turn, you should never have to face more than two bosses at once. If you do find yourself cornered, try to kite the captain into the outer corridors, where you can fight them without so much interference.

Your first strategy should be trying to sneak in and purify the totem without anyone noticing. It is possible, and the few seconds it takes the revenants to realize what's happening may be all you need. If that fails, use the standard totem tactic- draw everyone to one side on the totem, then rush back as use the the totem itself as cover while you purify.

It's worth killing the captains afterward- first take out those annoying spear throwers, then battle the captains as normal. You can't dominate them, but they drop loot just like the living, so you could walk out of here with a whole new kitbag. When all the outer totems are cleared, you should have a free shot at the central totem. Just walk up and work your magic (or anti-magic) to trigger the final fight with Zog.

Zog is a demon. He can still teleport and hurl spears, still fend off most special attacks and will make short work of almost any companions you summon. The most consistent damage dealer is your bow- go for charged headshots, scooping up extra ammo as he chases you around the arena. Your quick throw can also rack up a few points here and there.

When you finally take him down, Carnan will show up in a Han Solo moment and finish the job.

This completes the mission, but remember to take a quick glance around the arena for any loot which dropped, but that you didn't have time to gather in the heat of battle.

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