Cirith Ungol: Haedir

Westmost Haedir

The first haedir is right by the entrance to this area- can't miss it.

There are usually diverse orcses milling about below, even a graug or two, but you can easily sprint past and up- they won't follow you to the top. Once there, this first haeldir reveals 2 ithildin, 3 lost artifacts, and 1 barrow. They are, going roughly clockwise-

Because of your vantage, many will appear to be embedded in sheer rockface, but they'll show up correctly on your map.

Southmost Haedir

If you've already hit the westmost haedir, then one ithildin, on lost artifact, and the barrow will already be revealed. This leaves 2 other ithildin, 2 Shelob Memories, and 3 more artifacts. Look for them thusly, remembering that your subterranean vantage might show some goals in the ceiling. As ever, moving roughly counterclockwise-

Eastmost Haeldir

Through the cavern and near the local fortress- the cliffside location of this haeldir keeps the search area nice and tight. The only point in common with the other haeldir is the Barrow- otherwise you've got one ithildin, one Shelob Memory, and four Lost Artifacts.

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