Fire and Fury (Seregost)

You rejoin Eltariel on the hunt for Helm Hammerhand, but first you have to fight his steed.

Headshots are ideal for taking this critter down (for all Cel's talk, you can't dominate these drakes for some reason). There are arrows scattered across the field here if you run dry. When the the beast is taken care of, follow Eltariel some more.

She'll lead you through some ghuls and goblins, which you can ignore, and two drakes, which you cannot. Take them down as before, noting the vast multitude of elf shot on your minimap.

The next encounter is Helm himself, who's feeling talkative.

As always, you'll want to give Helm your full attention, regardless of what else is happening.

Do *dodge* dragonfire and the like, but don't make any effort to slay the drakes until you've taken care of Helm. His moves haven't changed, so just be quick with your parries and counter attacks to whittle down his health, until the inevitable Banish.

This leads to an extended cutscene of Helm's history (well, this version of Helm's history, anyway).

Once the story is told and recriminations voiced, the mission ends.

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