Prologue (Mount Doom)

Your return to Middle Earth begins, as so many returns do, with a recap. There are, however, no quick-time events, no choices, and no clues that will be useful later, so simply let the mem'ries roll.

You'll regain control in a grotty little cavern, in search of Celebrimbor's errant ghost.

Nothing here is remotely lethal, so go ahead and experiment with Talion's moveset. In particular, getting used to his various jumps, climbs, and ledge-hangs will be useful later. Don't worry about falling damage- you can't take any.

You can also experiment with the limits of your stealth kills, but there aren't many. If you're quick, you can even sneak attack a foe that's facing right towards you. There is, alas, no loot to be found here, so when you're done messing around, follow the yellow markers to Cel.

Shelob turns out to be far babelier than old J-double-R let on, but she's just as dangerous. Let the cutscene play to lose your still-hot-from-the-forge-ring, and begin your return to Middle Earth in earnest.

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