Rain of Arrows (Cirith Ungol)

Another trudge back to see Shelob. When comes to spidery femme fatales, Talion seems to be getting a bit... clingy.

Hear out the spider woman and the elf wraith alike, then regroup with Baranor.

Your first objective is to take out the ten archers in the encampment without raising the alarm. You get a bonus for stealth killing four, but it's more reliable (and more fun) to just stealth kill them all. Or Shadow Strike, if you have it, but let's assume you don't. Start with one in the nearest tower, then work your way along the outer ring clockwise (or bearing left, if you prefer).

The ropes here make transit relatively easy. When you've dispatched the outer ring, then move to the inner ring, and finally take out the ground based ones, once they're out of sight from their comrades.

When all ten have been silently dispatched, follow your marker to tower near the inner ring. From here you'll be able to summon the Gondorians to battle.

Next follows a battle royale in the arena, between you, the chief, any of his surviving bodyguards, and the Gondor reinforcements.

You don't need to kill all the captains here- once the warchief is dead, the mission ends, with a bit of self-congratulation, and plans for yet another visit to Shelob.

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