Violent Nature (Nurnen)

A journey into the green heart of darkness. Note the fleeing orcs in the cutscene, and head toward whatever they were fleeing from.

Your marker will lead you to an uruk bound up in some roots, the first of many. These entangled orcs act as waypoint in the trail- if you ever lose the objective marker (which happens), scan your wraithvision for these yellow tangles.

Interrogate each orc you come across to put together a picture of their experience. Apparently, they've all been watching Predator.

After going through three such orcs, your final waypoint will be a giant tree that wasn't there before.

Investigate to trigger a conversation with the avatar of Carnan. Neither of you has any expertise in diplomacy, so get ready to fight.

The fight is against waves of beasts. The first round is against caragor. You don't need to kill them all- just deplete their collective health enough to empty the bar in the top right of the screen. Given their tendency to charge head-on, now's also a good time to scoop up the optional objective of five headshots.

Next up is an elemental graug, that spits, hurls, and flares with poision. Do not close with it- instead keep your distance, and either evade distance attacks or block them behind the trees.

When it howls, shoot it in the head and then get in close to deal damage. Repeat until the meter falls.

The final enemy is a drake. Just the one, so relatively easy to evade its attacks- just don't run through any still-burning patches of grass later on. There are plenty of elf-arrows stuck in the turf here, so keep up a steady barrage of charged shots to defeat it.

This completes the fighting, leading to a cutscene with an interesting new character, and a mission prompt you're probably not in a position to fulfill... yet.

The end of the movie marks the end of the mission. The start the next mission in this questline, you'll have to complete Ring of Power, The Etten, and The Fight Pits.

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