All the Elements (and where to find them)

Common resource easily obtained from rocks on nearly any area of all planets. Mine rocks and rock formations for iron. Iron is a common resource in product development and recipe completion and can even be used to feed animals. 

ZINC (oxide)
Most commonly found in yellow plants that can be identified using your scanner. This material is used in crafting recipes but also great for shield recharge. It's worthwhile to keep a tile or two in your inventory, especially once you've bolstered your inventory space.

TITANIUM (oxide)
Rare material, commonly found in destroyed ships, used for crafting primarily. Uncommon yellow crystal formations on some planets also contain Titanium. 

HERIDIUM (silicate)
Found commonly on small blue plants or in large vertical rock formations with blue streaks. 

PLATINUM (silicate)
Found in small blue plant formations, it's a valuable resource to most high-level crafting. 

CHRYSONITE  (silicate)
Blue crystals found on some planets contain this rare material. Most cold planets are abundant in the material. 

CARBON (isotope)
Immensely useful for crafting and energy replenishment, and thankfully extremely abundant. Trees and vegetation can be mined for large quantities of this resource. 

THAMIUM9 (isotope)
Mined from asteroids as you traverse between planets. Rare on the surface of planets but abundant between them. 

PLUTONIUM (isotope)
Though classified as a rare mineral, this is indeed abundant if you know where to look. It is present on all planets as a red crystalline structure. You can find them around most outposts and in most caves. 

NICKEL (neutral)
Can be combined in recipes or sold outright on the Galactic Market, this material can be found floating in large asteroids throughout space. 

IRIDIUM (neutral)
Mined from crystal asteroids, and some crystalline formations on planets. Great for selling on the Galactic Market.

COPPER (neutral)
Found in greenish floating pillars hovering over the ground on most planets, this is used for some blueprints but great for selling to traders at the space station. 

GOLD (neutral)
Large, gold colored rocks contain vast quantities of gold. Has some great recipe opportunities but also remarkably valuable in trading. 

ALUMINIUM (neutral)
Extremely desirable element for trading also found in rare rock formations on planets.

EMERIL (neutral)
Extremely valuable resource that can be found in silver rocks scattered on some planets. Difficult to find, but well worth the search. 

OMEGON (precious)
On rare occasion, it can be found in a floating purple stone on some planets, or gathered by salvaging ships. 

RADNOX (precious)
Found on floating, green, leafy objects hovering above the ground. Generally found on extremely climate-hostile planets.

MURRINE (precious)
Rare material found in glowing golden plants and pillars that resemble stacked balls. Gold balls. On rare occasion, you will find it in abundance on certain planets. 

CALIUM  (precious)
Light green spheres on toxicity heavy planets contain this rare material. 



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