Control is a frantic mix of close range combat and point capturing, that generally leads to the quickest and most fervent Overwatch skirmishes. This game mode centers around various capture points on a map where each team takes over and fights for control of a zone, filling up their control meter from 0 to 100% at roughly a percentile per second. Once you capture a point, your teammates do not need to stay on the point for the ticker to continually build, and the meter will only stop climbing when the enemy team begins contesting the area. Each match consists of up to 3 of these skirmishes over contesting points, and the first team to win two rounds wins the entire match. 

Below you will find 5 tips to help you succeed while playing matches of Control in Overwatch. 

Arrive Fashionably Not Early
Control Points unlock for capture after 30 seconds, and it may seem advantageous to begin defending the area from the enemy swarm before the timer begins to tick. This quite simply, is not the case. Standing in the control point makes you an easy target for the opposing team, and could lead to a swift elimination. Instead, begin trying to eliminate opposing players on the outliers of the control point while using a high-damage close-range Hero like Reaper or D.Va before the timer concludes. This will make the capture easier overall, and buy you time while the enemy has to get back into the fray. If you're playing as a defense hero like Bastion, focus on finding a choke point that gives you a clear line of site for the opposing team, and then wait for their attack to begin. This tactic also applies to Torbjörn and his turrets, which should be placed somewhere with a bit of cover, and a clear view of the control point. If you decide to play as a support class (great idea) follow a character that will be attacking stragglers at close range like I detailed above, and then move back to the control point to support the stationary defenders. 

Wait, You're Leaving?
As mentioned above, once you've conquered a point, your team does not need to remain on the point to consistently build your meter. This does not mean you should immediately exit the area and play as though it's a team deathmatch. It's integral that you don't stray into a fray far away, as the opposing team can easily overtake a nearly-empty control point and begin building their meter. The focus of a team vying to take over a control point will undoubtedly be the control point, so focusing your attention elsewhere is a fruitless venture, when the control point is active. 

Do Not Fire Until You Smell The Stink Of Their Breath
Due to the nature of the game mode, you will be participating in a litany of close-range engagements, so it's vital that you prepare accordingly. A team should be balanced with a heavy disposition in favor of Tanks, with at least one Support Hero to supply buffs to those in need. D.Va and Mercy (Tank and Support respectively) are two that I highly recommend, regardless of the particular scenario, and are equally useful here. Long range offensive strategies are not completely out of place in a Control Scenario, but they have much less application in the preceding skirmishes. Considering the control points themselves offer some cover, and you will be ineffective at close range, it's difficult to recommend playing as Widowmaker or Hanzo considering they won't be able to supply sustained fire support or defend a point themselves. 

Eyes On The Sides
Each control point offers multiple entrance points for you or the opposing team to make use of. Prepare for a push from the opposition by always watching these points and moving, while placing traps and counter-measures if you have them. A turret from Torbjörn can be immensely helpful here when placed appropriately. Keep it away from the focus of the battle and provide fire from a close position to keep your enemy guessing. Junkrat's steel trap can also be exceptionally effective here, as a trap in a doorway either forces them to stop in their tracks and take sustained fire, or find a way around. When you are attempting to flank the enemy and take over the control point, it's best to move in tandem with as many teammates as possible, all attacking from separate positions. The obvious entry point is rarely the best, as it will be the focus of the majority of both teams skirmishes. Attempting to get around your enemy, and the likelihood of your success greatly increases. 

Overtime: A Great Ally And Feared Enemy
If the percentage meter fills to 99% for one team but the area is still contested, Overtime mode will be activated. Here the losing team has a chance to turn the tide of battle, and potentially overtake the control point. So long as the point remains contested, Overtime will still be in effect. It's an absolute must that you focus your firepower on the point, using a mix of close range combatants, and at least one support character to fight back. It's recommended that Lucio is used here, as his Speed boost allows him and his team to reach the point and join the fray the quickest. If the winning team eliminates the opposition from the control point during overtime, and there are no heroes nearby to oppose them, the overtime meter will dissipate and they will win. But, if the losing team can overtake them, and force the opposing team to relinquish the point, Overtime will end and their meter will begin to climb towards 100%. Use this to your advantage, as Overtime can provide ample opportunity to turn the tide of battle in your favor. 



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