Temple Of Anubis

Temple Of Anubis

The opening push for the attacking team is vital to the overall success of that match, as that single choke point at the maps opening can be a stopping point for the entirety of the mission, and make for a long slog towards nowhere. If the attacking team is able to overcome this roadblock, then the immense challenge they once face dwindles and their chances of winning increase dramatically. For the second point, the defending team has one rule it must adhere to so as to stave off the enemy. That rule is: don't venture forth. As the Attacking team is continually pushed back it may appear advantageous to set up a secondary line of defense towards the opening in which the attackers primarily pour through. This will most certainly end in a respawn. Instead, focus your defenses on 3 areas, all of which are directly adjacent to the capture point itself. The room tot he right of the point (if you're looking out onto the direction of the attackers) is a common flanking point used by high DPS heroes like McCree and Reaper, both of whom can make quick work of any unattentive defenders. Symmetra turrets should be lining the room as she defends this flank from invaders, Junkrat is also great for this room, as he can both set traps and lob splash damage grenades at those who attempt to enter through this side. On the opposite side of the capture point, you'll find two possible flanks, one that leads down and under the bridge to the capture point, and another from the same point that can be used to circumvent your defensive line and get behind your team. Use a Bastion to cover these points, Or set up a Torbjörn Turret with a clear line of sight to the entrance to the upper level to hold back enemies that attempt to push through. Finally, you have the main path in the middle. This one is fairly simple and can be protected by Bastion, McCree, or Soldier 76 with ease. That being said, whoever is defending the main path should be given support by Mercy, while the remaining members of the team patrol the nearby rooms for stragglers. To bypass the first objective as the attackers, it's important that someone on the team plays as Reinhardt and defends from enemy fire as the team moves through. It would be even better if a support character could buff Reinhardt as he puts his shield forth to provide moving cover.Once Inside the partitioned gate at the opening, the attackers can run into the two rooms directly connected to the opening. This is great for beginning a flanking strategy and should be taken advantage of to avoid unnecessary casualties. Once inside, you'll likely be fighting close range with the opposing team, so using high health/DPS characters like D.Va is a must, while also being certain that your more powerful heroes are supported with a Mercy or Lucio. If you're able to push past the first line of defense, maintain use of the flanks and avoid the middle area to the best of your ability. Instead use the connecting pathways from these rooms to get the height advantage, and surround your enemy. This will leave them scrambling as you begin to capture. 

The defending team has a multitude of options while preparing an easy annihilation of the opposing team at the first chokepoint. There are a few recommendations for taking full advantage of this location, the first of which is the liberal use of a Bastion and Torbjörn turrets. Have a turret placed with a clear view of the opening, or if your playing as Bastion, do the same. There is a ledge directly in front of the opening that offers cover and a higher position for firing advantage. You will want to combine this with close range defense on at the two rooms connected to the archway. Reapers or RoadHogs are fantastic for point cover here, and Symmetra is a must for engaging the enemies that attempt to enter the rooms. So long as you maintain control of the ledge opposite the opening, and secure the rooms adjacent to the archway, you should be in for an easy start to the match. If you are pushed back beyond that first point, you must keep your back to the walls and use the elevated area above the fountain to defend from. This will work as a second chokepoint where the enemy won't be able to flank you as easily. 

The attacking strategy here is also quite simple, and can be summed up in a single rule as well: avoid the main path. Even a Reinhardt shield cannot withstand the coordinated fire of a well balanced defensive team, and even when playing against less than coordinated opposing teams, you still may find yourself dying repeatedly when trying to bowl down the middle. Instead, use the flanks discussed above but do so as a team. The flank directly to the left of the enclosed temple (when facing the defenders) is exceptionally useful for getting behind the line of fire, but this route is usually guarded. It's best to use a hero such as Roadhog, Reaper, D.Va, or Zarya, as they can both withstand or counter some damage while dishing out high volumes of their own.   Make sure when you're attempting a flank it's with at least one other teammate. At this section of the map, your hero choice should consist of close range for the flanks, and Pharah/Mercy combo if possible. Lucio is also exceptionally powerful here as is speed boost will help your team out maneuver the defenders and get behind them quicker. 


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