DLC Achievements

DLC Achievements


  • Eye in the Sky - Complete the story

  • Cardshark - Complete Survival Mode

  • You Gotta Know When To Hold 'Em - Complete Survival Mode +



  • Like Mama Used to Make - Complete the scenario.

  • Ratcatcher - Find the 3 dead rats hidden in the room.



  • Butterfly Effect - Got the 'bad' ending by trying to escape through the garage

  • One Instinct:Survival - Got the 'good' ending by escaping through the front door.


Ethan Must Die

  • Ethan Never Dies - Complete the scenario.


Jack's 55th Birthday

  • Miracle Chef - Feed Jack every type of food and drink. This includes the raw ingredients, even the garbage.

  • Don't Keep the Man Waiting - Clear a stage with 10 minutes or more of Bonus Time

  • Best Birthday Ever - Get at least 'S' rank on every stage.



  • Dead by Dawn? - Complete Nightmare

  • Sleepless in Dulvey - Complete Night Terror


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