Armoury/ Weapons



Assault Rifles:





Obtained: Episode Three (p2) - Found in the central sewers area behind metal bars. These need to be raised by Claire and Moira during Episode Three (p1) using the valve on a ledge above

Firepower:    75.00
Firing Rate:  7.50
Capacity:     60.00
Slots:          4.00





Obtained: Episode One (p2) - Obtained automatically at the start of the section

Firepower:    85.00
Firing Rate:  7.50
Capacity:     30.00
Slots:          3.00








Obtained: During Episode 1 (p1) - cannot be missed

Firepower:   100.00
Firing Rate:  1.96
Capacity:     9.00

Slots:          5.00





Obtained: During Episode 3 (p1) - After using both liver parts on the statue of Prometheus, check the siderooms of the hallway inside to find it on top of a barrel

Firepower:   150.00
Firing Rate: 1.50
Capacity:    14.00
Slots:          3.00


Samurai Edge



Obtained: Episode One (p2) - Obtained automatically at the start of the episode.

Firepower:    100.00
Firing Rate:  1.96
Capacity:     9.00
Slots:          5.00


Machine Pistols:


Chicago Typewriter



Obtained: Complete all campaign episodes on Casual difficulty or higher

Firepower:   90.00
Firing Rate: 30.00
Capacity:    100.00
Slots:         1.00





Obtained: Episode Two (p1) - When you first meet Pedro in the village, he will demolish a nearby wall with his drill. Inside the house this opens up is the machine pistol.

Firepower:   70.00
Firing Rate: 10.00
Capacity:     40.00
Slots:          4.00





Obtained: Episode Three (p1) - Complete the four graves puzzle in the graveyard under the tower to open the room containing the machine pistol (read the section for more details).

Firepower:   60.00
Firing Rate: 15.00
Capacity:    40.00
Slots:         3.00








Obtained: Episode 4 (p2) - Found in the maze of tunnels in the gas filled area on the way to unlocking the South Gate in the central room (4 different paths) as you attempt to activate the gas extraction system.

Firepower:    1100.00
Firing Rate:  1.50
Capacity:     6.00
Slots:          1.00


Model 329



Obtained: Episode Three (p1) - In the office that is locked by a retina scanner on the second floor in the Factory office area.

Firepower:    900.00
Firing Rate:  1.16
Capacity:     6.00
Slots:          2.00





Obtained: Episode One (p1) - Obtained automatically when starting the section.

Firepower:    700.00
Firing Rate:  1.23
Capacity:     6.00
Slots:          3.00








Obtained: Beat all the campaign episodes on Normal difficulty

Firepower:    300.00
Firing Rate:  0.67
Capacity:     1.00
Slots:          0.00


Bubble Gun replaces brick for Natalia


Obtained: Beat all countdown mode campaign episodes


Infinite Ammo for all guns (not a weapon, but still a bonus unlock)


Obtained: Beat all campaign episodes on No Escape difficulty (which is unlocked after beating all campaign episodes on survival difficulty).


Katana replaces crowbar for Moria


Obtained: Beat all invisible mode campaign episodes


Meat Grinder


Obtained: Beat all the campaign episodes on Survival difficulty


Rocket Launcher


Obtained: Beat all campaign episodes in under 3 hours (look at total playtime on episode select screen to check progress).









Obtained: Episode One (p1) - After leaving the experiment block (using the experiment block key found on the dead guard that fell down), on the ground in the room beyond next to a body. Pretty hard to miss due to the marker above it.

Firepower:    630.00
Firing Rate:  1.13
Capacity:     2.00
Slots:          3.00





Obtained: (Claire) Episode Two (p1) upon entering the diner after Neil leaves the party, move the wire crate in the kitchen over to the wall mount holding the shotgun and climb up to grab it. (Barry) Episode Four (p2) When crossing the crane pull switch 5 to move the platform and place Barry onto it. Send it over to the other side (you won't be able to get off as Barry yet). Then change back to Natalia and pull switch 4, changing back to Barry immediately afterwards. Step off the platform as it moves past the otherwise inaccessible area on the other side with the shotgun.

Firepower:    490.00
Firing Rate:  0.73
Capacity:     5.00
Slots:          2.00



Sniper Rifles:





Obtained: Episode 2 (p2) - Found after you drop through the roof of a shack on a table (same location as the back gate key) near the start of part 2

Firepower:    650.00
Firing Rate:  0.60
Capacity:     5.00
Slots:          3.00





Obtained: Episode Three (p2) - By shooting down a body dangling from a rope. You need to have the power source from the warehouse. Send it up to the next level up using the conveyor belt. Pick it up and place it at the bottom of the broken ladder on this level. Climb the ladder on the ledge you can now reach to see the body dangling overhead at the top. Shoot the rope and climb up the ledge next to you to retrieve the sniper rifle.

Firepower:    500.00
Firing Rate:  1.54
Capacity:     10.00
Slots:          2.00


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