Ben "Bahumaut" Buttenshaw

Ben "Bahumaut" Buttenshaw
Guide Writer

Original Resident Evil: Revelations 2 guide completion: __/__/15

Current walkthrough total: 15 for Cheat Code Central, 7 for other sites

I originally wrote game guides and walkthroughs in my spare time during my early uni days for several guide sites around the net before joining Cheat Code Central. Nowdays I'm covering the latest and greatest titles for you right here. Hope you enjoy the guides and they help you out. Maybe we'll run into each other out there on the world's servers. Have a good game everyone.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has a slightly ridiculous name, but it is a welcome tilt back towards survival horror for Capcom compared to the recent numbered entries in the series that were more like action games. Kudos Capcom, now if only you could get out of the habit of cutting out content to sell as seperate DLC, everything would be good between us once more.


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