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Regular Enemies:





Found in: Episode 1 (p1), Episode 2 (p1), Episode 3 (p1),

Occurrence: Common

Weak point: Head


These humanoid enemies move quickly, running towards the player and swiping at them with melee weapons or their bare hands. They have the ability to leap through the air, requiring a quick sideways dodge to avoid.


If a player successfully dodges one of these leaps, the afflicted will often slam into the ground, remaining vulnerable for several seconds to follow up attacks, knife swings and ranged weapons.


Afflicted will also dodge and change direction if they have room while running, so the player will need to adjust their aim to remain on target.


Afflicted are fairly fragile, requiring two or three head-shots with a handgun on Normal difficulty. However, their quick movement speed and occasional strange movement patterns can make them difficult to put down, especially when you are facing a group of them,






Found in: Episode 3 (p2), Episode 4 (p2)

Occurrence: Rare

Weak point: Stomach


These dangerous enemies are covered with tentacles, giving cover to it's weak point and dealing significant damage if it hits you with them. The easy way to deal with that problem is to lob a firebomb at it. This will destroy all the smaller tentacles blocking your aim and deal some damage to the enemy. If you do this, the dhurlga will only be able to block shots with it's main tentacle.


If you don't have a firebomb, you'll want to use piercing weapons (assault rifle, magnum) to shoot through the tentacles, damaging the weak point anyway if they get in the way. Or the rifle if you have enough distance. Use/ circle objects in the area to block the dhurlga's progress, allowing you to circle around firing at it constantly. Due to the poor speed and pathfinding abilites of the enemy, it is generally easy to keep it away from you unless it performs a charge or leap.


The dhurlga will try and block your shots with it's main tentacle by holding it out in front and making it bigger. When it does this, flank the dhurlga to get better shots at it's weak point. As it takes damage, it will gain the ability to leap around, making it faster and more dangerous. Keep circling and watch it carefully while you fire upon it. It will also start using it's main tentacle to whip in a line in front of it for nasty damage. If the main tentacle grabs the active player (Barry), it will result in death. The offside character will just be downed.





Found in: Episode 2 (p2), Episode 3 (p2), Episode 4 (p1), Episode 4 (p2)

Occurrence: Uncommon

Weak point: None


Glasps are invisible hovering bug/ hive like creatures that are visible only to Natalia or Moira's flashlight (temporarily). Once they detect the player, they will hover towards them slowly, automatically downing/ killing them if they get close enough.


If the damage dealing player (Claire, Barry) is grappled in this way, the player is killed. If the glasp grapples Moira or Natalia, it will down them instead, allowing them to be revived afterwards.


Glasps are relatively fragile (requiring only 2-4 handgun shots to bring down in Normal difficulty), but the main issue with them is lining up your shots successfully.


When playing single player in the campaign, Natalia will point towards the glasp and call out advice based on your shots. You may want to swap back and forth between Barry and Natalia to adjust your aim and refocus on the enemy.


Glasps also hover, meaning you will have to aim a couple of feet (half a meter) off the ground to hit them successfully. Glasps also dodge and sway after they are hit, meaning you will need to adjust after every successful hit or two.






Found in: Episode 1 (p1), Episode 2 (p1), Episode 3 (p1)

Occurrence: Uncommon

Weak point: Base/ nape of neck (red area underneath and around metal helmet)


Ironheads are large hulking humanoids with heads completely covered in metal, that wield lage two handed weapons such as sledgehammers, axes or metal blades. They are also capable of inflicting bleed upon a player, which deals ongoing damage until cured by a tourniquet or a certain amount of health is lost.


Their metal masks protect their heads from all incoming damage, making head-shots useless. Aim for the chest or abdomen for better results.


Ironheads swing in large arcs, making them difficult to engage in close range, which is particularly difficult to avoid while playing as Claire in the campaign, as her most powerful weapon early on is the shotgun. Don't bother using a handgun against them unless you have no other options.


The most effective and efficient way of dealing with ironheads (in single player) is to move in for two or three (increased capacity) shotgun blasts to knock down the ironhead. Use a follow up attack or reload while it tries to get up and then repeat the process until death.


You will need to be on the edge of the ironhead's swing arc for maximum shotgun effectiveness though, requiring good use of the dodge to avoid taking painful damage. It normally takes around six shotgun shells at very close range on normal difficulty to bring one down.


Fighting them in co-op is much easier. Claire should blast the ironhead twice to knock it down, then both players should perform a follow up, after which, Moira can use a melee strike to stun the ironhead for additional knockdowns to follow up. Repeat this until the ironhead is dead. This saves around four shotgun shells per ironhead, which is great news for Claire.






Found in: Episode 2 (p1), Episode 2 (p2), Episode 3 (p2)

Occurrence: Uncommon

Weak point: Head


Orthrus seem like a cross between a dog, pig and porcupine. They move around like a dog, loping and running around the player. They can then raise a row of spines along their back, before charging at the player slashing at them as they pass.


The main problem when confronting an orthrus is their speed, they move fast and will occasionally dodge to the side making them harder to hit.


Orthrus are very fragile, requiring one or two handgun shots to bring down. You can also kill them with melee attacks fairly easily when controlling Claire or Barry (due to their fast melee speeds). Moira's crowbar is generally too slow to hit orthrus easily.






Found in: Episode 1 (p2), Episode 2 (p2), Episode 3 (p2), Episode 4 (p2)

Occurrence: Common

Weak point: Glowing spot covered by layer of skin (randomly placed)


Enemies that resemble fleshy mannequins that shamble, crab walk and charge towards the player in an attempt to land melee strikes, acid burns or grapple the player.


Revenants have a weak point (large glowing orange orb) placed randomly on their body that can be seen by Natalia (as a bright green glow) or revealed by blowing off the skin of the limb.


Hitting this target deals massive bonus damage, breaking it completely kills the revenant instantly. You can defeat a revenant without hitting the weak point, but will explend a lot of ammunition in doing so.


Revenants are particularly vulnerable to firebomb attacks, with the fire clinging to their bodies and destroying their skin and weak point all in one go. Explosive bottles will blow off skin sections, but not do significant damage to the revenant, so avoid wasting them against this enemy type.






Found in: Episode 1 (p2), Episode 2 (p2), Episode 3 (p2), Episode 4 (p2)

Occurrence: Common

Weak point: Head


Decaying humanoid enemies that shuffle, or crawl slowly towards the player (similar to zombies from most games), attempting to attack with melee swings or grapple to deal damage.


Rotten are slow moving and easily dodged, but in large numbers they can be difficult to deal with. Back away from them when possible and take your time to line up headshots with your handgun to use your ammo efficiently.


Rotten are good targets for melee strikes and follow up attacks to conserve ammo. Dealing enough damage to a rotten will stagger it, allowing you to run up for a knock down melee strike and additional follow up when it hits the ground.






Found in: Episode 2 (p2), Episode 3 (p2), Episode 4 (p2)

Occurrence: Rare

Weak point: Glowing orange point in middle of "body"


Slingers are stationary ranged enemies that launch slightly homing projectiles (spawn, minions, I don't know) through the air towards you. The projectiles will adjust slightly, but can't turn sharply or move around cover, so it is possible to avoid them. If a projectile connects, it will do a fair amount of damage and cover the screen in gunk, making it impossible to see.


This can be cleaned away by disinfectant (made from cloth and green herb), but each hit will put it on you again so it tends to be a waste of green herbs. The slinger has one easily visible weak point that you can hit for bonus damage, but it will twist and move around making it harder to hit. The assault rifle is probably your best bet against it as it allows you to quickly compensate for it's movements, while being effective at range (so usuable from cover).


You will need to get a perfect hit on it's weak point to finish off a slinger, as it will remain alive until you do. Explosive bottles also work well against them if you have a few spare ones on hand.






Found in: Episode 2 (p1), Episode 3 (p1),

Occurrence: Uncommon

Weak point: Red stomach


Sploders do what their name suggests. They explode (dealing extreme damage and obscuring the player's sight). These enemies have a humanoid appearance, but thier top half is swollen up and flecked with red. These walking bombs will detonate when close to a character or after taking a certain amount of damage. One of their most dangerous properties is their ability to appear via transformation from afflicted. Occasionally a downed afflicted will transform into a sploder (bubbling and hissing as it's body changes), getting up with full health afterwards and attacking.


Keep sploders at a distance whenever possible and dodge away if they are about to explode close to you. You may not escape the whole blast, but you may reduce the damage taken. A good tactic is to use the secondary character (Moira), to preemptively detonate them. This prevents them damaging the main character, and the secondary character will simply regenerate the health. Don't waste powerful bullets on them (such as the magnum), as they generally don't take too much to detonate.






Found in: Episode 2 (p1), Episode 3 (p1)

Occurrence: Rare

Weak point: Head


Vulcanblubbers are large humanoid enemies carrying a barrel and flaming torch with their head swathed in bandages. These tough, quick and dangerous opponents are a menace on the battlefield and should be the focus of your damage (due to their continuous burning attacks). Lesser enemies surrounding the vulcanblubber can be distracted with decoy bottles while you lay into it with a magnum or machine pistol. The range of shotguns and lack of damage for pistols make them less useful for engaging these enemies.


Vulcanblubbers will periodically light the barrel they are holding and fire three ranged projectiles towards a character. These deal significant damage to that character if they connect, inflict the burning status for additional damage and leave the floor beneath where they hit on fire (which deals burning damage if you walk onto the flames and remains burning until the vulcanblubber dies). This is why you should focus all efforts on the vulcanblubber first, as the battlefield will become more and more dangerous until it is taken out. Combining a magnum or machine pistol with the lv.4 damage part will allow you to make short work of these enemies if you unload a clip or two into their heads.



Boss Monsters (Spoilers, highlight to reveal):


Mutant Pedro (highlight)


Found in: Episode 2 (p1), Episode 2 (p2)


Mutant Neil (highlight)


Found in: Episode 3 (p1)


Mutant Alex (highlight)


Found in: Episode 4 (p2)


Mutant Alex - Second Stage (highlight)


Found in: Episode 4 (p2) - Good ending only


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