Episode 1 - Penal Colony (Part 2)

EPISODE 1 - Penal Colony (Part 2)




Mission Medals List:


  • Gold: Defeated 5 revenant by only hitting their weak spots
  • Gold: Didn't fire a gun in the detention center control area
  • Silver: Hit enemies with Natalia's brick 15 times
  • Silver: Defeated 2 enemies with a follow up attack
  • Silver: Defeated 8 enemies with sub weapons
  • Silver: Defeated 6 enemies using the stealth attack
  • Bronze: Defeated 6 enemies with the knife
  • Bronze: Opened 2 gimmick boxes
  • Bronze: Found 6 hidden items with Natalia
  • Bronze: Escaped the darkness of the forest, starting from the detour hut, within 40 seconds


Collectible Count:


Tower Emblems: 4/8
Insect Larvae: 6


Immediately after stepping off the boat, Barry runs into the creepy little girl Natalia (notice the solid red light on the bracelet, remember what the earlier notes mentioned?). By now we all know that small creepy girls are one of the most powerful forces in a horror game/ movie/ book etc.



So, Barry decides to recruit her (quite a stroke of genius for him actually). Natalia acts as the second character for this section of the game. When you gain control, start making your way up the crumbling concrete dock towards the stairs leading up ahead. From the base of the broken stairs, you need to travel left along the shoreline until you find a barrel to smash.


Near the barrel is a dirt path ascending up the side of the cliff. Climb up the first ledge and break the crate sitting there, all the while listening to Barry's slightly worrying conversation with Natalia. Keep winding your way up the path until Barry says "Watch out," and you are attacked by whip spiders.


These enemies can be easily dispatched by Barry's knife, so don't waste bullets on them. They tend to appear in groups of three or four as you move up the path in this area, so be on the alert to avoid taking cheap damage from the little scuttly bastards.



Look for another flat ledge nearby to clamber up and head left, passing underneath the overlook above. When you come out from under it, you'll be attacked by another wave of whip spiders. Keep cutting until they are all gone. A little further up the trail, you'll reach a road, with a nearby staircase leading up to a hut. You can take either path here (stairs or road) as both meet up again almost immediately.


Tower Emblem (1): Turn right when you reach the road to spot some metal boxes up against a doorway. Look between the boxes next to the door to find it.


Another group of whip spiders will emerge when you start moving on the road, so get ready to slice and dice once more. At the top of the path, your objective will update and you'll have to enter the roller door in the building ahead. Open it up and pass underneath to head inside, watching out for any whip spiders that try and stop you.


Once you straighten up inside the building, turn left and pick up the Green Herb on the floor. Then enter the small alcove/ office next to it to find a Red Herb on the desk. Heads up for anyone who doesn't know the recipes from previous games, combining a red herb and green herb results in three green herbs. You can't actually consume the red herb, so this is a good combination if you can find the items for it.



Once you're done mixing to create your personal stash, walk through the open gates made of metal bars to hear Natalia's monster related pronouncement. Round the corner and open the blue metal door at the end of the corridor. You can control Natalia here to use her ability to see nearby monsters, but this encounter is set up to be unavoidable. As you get past the first shelf, boxes will fly and your first proper enemy (rotten) will appear. Unlike afflicted, rotten cannot jump, instead lurching towards you for melee swings and grapple attacks.


As the rotten emerges, back up and pull out your handgun to start popping shots in it's skull. The handgun (samurai edge) is quite powerful and with a lv.1 damage upgrade is capable of killing rotten consistently with a single head-shot (consider doing this when you find the parts to conserve future ammo). After the first enemy goes down, three more rotten will rush into the room through the door on the right.



They should form a relatively orderly queue (due to the objects blocking most of the room), allowing you to remain stationary and blast their brains out one by one. Circle around the metal cabinets in the room to find a breakable box before exiting through the door the rotten came in by.


Follow the next dingy hallway around the bend and jump over the clutter blocking the way, opening the double metal doors beyond. You'll emerge into another corridor, and Natalia will warn you of more nearby enemies. The game will prompt you to switch characters here, allowing you to see things from Natalia's perspective. She will see the enemies as blurry yellow (unaware) or red (alerted) shapes. She can also increase the range of this "sonar" by crouching.



The game will also let you know at this point that she has a similar ability to Moria's flashlight. By simply looking at a hidden object with her, the glimmer will appear. When it does, you can point at the glimmer with LT to reveal it. Looking down the hall as Natalia, you should see your first hidden object under a metal shelf, Handgun Ammo (5). Remember to pass weapon ammunition to Barry as it stacks, using your inventory space more efficiently.


As Natalia, continue past the shelves and sneak past the open hole in the wall (the rotten standing still shouldn't spot you). Continue to the end of the hall to find another hidden item Assault Rifle Ammo (8) to grab. Once you have it, return to the area in front of the shelves back down the corridor.


After that, swap back to Barry and ignore the metal door in the hallway, instead move further along the hallway in stealth (crouch) until you reach a hole in the wall you can pass through. You should come up behind a stationary rotten and be able to silently kill him (yeah, the animation looks extremely loud but apparently it's silent to nearby enemies).



Before exploring the rest of the room, we'll need to deal with that cluster of enemies behind the blue door. From where you killed the last rotten, briefly swap back to Natalia to see where in the room they are, they should be behind some cover to the right of your position.


Swap back to Barry and carefully approach the cluster of rotten from behind, looking around the corner to see when to initiate your strike. You can actually stealth kill all three of these enemies without them realizing. Even if the animation knocks down and enemy in their sight range, they shouldn't react. Try and get rid of the moving one first (watch their shadows to judge when to move).


On the table in the center of the room you can find an area Map (yay!). You can find some hidden Assault Rifle Ammo (8) under a shelf the the left of the hole in the wall you came in to the room through. For the eagle-eyed, there's a hard to spot hidden Ruby (250 BP) under the corner of the shelf to the left of the blue metal door. There's also a crate to smash in the corner of this room.


Tower Emblem (2): Next to the blue door in this room (amongst the shelves to the right of it is the tower emblem.



When you're done cleaning out the room, carefully stealth up the stairs, looking at the top of the left railing to spot the waiting rotten You should be able to stealth attack it as long as you spot it before it sees you. Directly across from you in the metal locker is some hidden Handgun Ammo (5), but be careful approaching it as the rotten wandering behind the metal bars will likely spot you.


Instead of risking detection, you can take him out in stealth first. Swap to Barry and stealth along the low wall after the rotten turns around and begins walking away from you. When you reach the edge of the wall, wait until it turns around and then back-stab it to get it out of the way. The desk drawer in this alcove contains Handgun Ammo (15). You can now backtrack and get your item safely.


The little alley near where you started has a Cloth sitting on the shelf at the end. Be cautious approaching the patrolling rotten in the middle of the room (using the wall for cover until you strike), as his patrol area is quite small and he turns around fast. If you time it right, you should bring him down cleanly. Be careful not to melee the rotten lying on the floor unless you want to battle it. You can just ignore it if you want.



The last rotten in the room is the hardest to stealth kill due to his erratic walking pattern. You will need to wait behind the low wall (the section with the window) until he turns around and then quickly move in, adjusting your position as he twirls and wobbles until you can get close enough to finish him. On the floor in the darkened space nearby is more hidden Handgun Ammo (5). Under the metal shelf to the left of the stationary rotten body here is a hidden Topaz (100 BP) as well.


When you are ready to move on, take the metal and wire box from the corner near the stationary corpse of the rotten and move it over to the stacked metal boxes opposite to form a ramp to climb up. At the top, follow the short path around the corner and lift up the roller door to continue. Right in front of you when you straighten up is the Control Room Key. This allows the current pair access to the control room in the prison area from the previous part of this episode with Claire and Moria.


There's a hidden Ruby (250 BP) against the wall behind the shelf with the key to pick up. When you're ready, swap to Natalie and crouch down, move her to the small hole in the wall and she will pass through it into the hall on the other side. A waiting rotten will be nearby, so quickly grab one of the nearby bricks (Natalie's weapons) and smash his brains with it. One or two hits should bring him down.



After the coast is clear, nab the Gunpowder (2) off the shelf nearby and unlock the metal door to let Barry through. Swap back to Barry and push the box of rubbish out of the way to open the path forwards. Some players may remember this as the location where Moria split up from Claire at the first workbench. You will now be in the area traversed by Claire and Moria in the earlier part of the episode.


Insect Larvae (1): From the workbench room, pass through the torture device room next to it out into the hallway and turn left to see it on the wall at the end (if you're controlling Natalia, obviously). Pick up the brick next to it and smash it.


Your new objective is to find a way to get past the flame spewing statue the ladies left behind at the exit, blocking your path as a result. They also left the power on, meaning that the whirling blade devices are also in the way. It's like small children leaving the lights on all the time. "If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times. Turn off the deathtraps before leaving the house." Before anything else though, descend the ladder near the workbench and enter the torture room to find some hidden Assault Rifle Ammo (8) in the corner


Retrace your steps back up the ladder and enter the other blue metal door in the hallway. Walk along it, ignoring the control room door (it's locked from the other side, so the key won't work here apparently). Continue down the hallway and through the next metal door.



This is likely the first time you will encounter polyps. These are remnants of the afflicted with growths on their faces in the ealier Claire and Moria section. When they killed one of these enemies, the polyps fell off. These act as traps in the current chapter (visible to Natalia), exploding when a character gets too close. You will need to carefully approach them and then dodge backwards when they trigger to avoid damage. Running through won't work unfortunately.


Watch out for the other two rotten nearby (one lying down in the middle cell, the other slightly ahead) as they will attack once either one sees you. Before moving on, look into the cupboard in the middle of the hall for a hidden Topaz (100 BP). Open the metal door at the end of the corridor once and ready Barry's gun as there is an rotten in the room to the right that cannot be stealth attacked due to it's positioning.


Ignore the dark corridor you went down with Claire and Moria, instead use the steps here to carefully descend to the lower level, as there is an rotten waiting around the corner. You could come the long way via the other stairs and past the swirling death machines, but when it only takes a single bullet, it just isn't worth the effort.



Around the corner, you'll find another one of those broken grilles for Natalia to crawl through. Do so and flick the power switch inside to stop the killer blade machines. In the corner to the left of the power switch is a hidden Ruby (250 BP) to pick up. Time to head back to the main cell block area and disable that fire breathing statue now.


The quickest path is the shortcut to the South we used earlier with Claire and Moira in the room where they found the rusty key. Open the metal door and ready your weapons to deal with a crawling rotten and regular rotten in the hall beyond. Open the blue door here to find a (thankfully) stationary blade machine. Sharp eyed players may have noticed the Parts Box - Lv.1 Damage blocked off by the blade machine when they were playing as Claire and Moira, now the machine is out of the way you can climb up and grab it.


You now need to head through the cell block (the room to the right from the blade machine). There will be an rotten in the second cell on the left to deal with first. You can take the opportunity to check the lower cells (now open, thanks to Claire and Moria) for any loot you were unable to retrieve before if enemies continued to spawn in your play through. They seem to sometimes, while other times just stopping.


When you are ready, take Barry upstairs to deal with the waiting rotten standing at the top. He may wander down though if he sees you, so stay alert. At the top of the stairs, you'll be able to see five rotten sealed in their cells. Well, unfortunately you are going to need to let them out. So head to the control room at the end of this upper area (using the control room key), and press the switch inside to open all the upper level cells.



Barry will have to deal with the onrushing rotten. Remain in the control room and use your pistol to line up head-shots as they walk along the catwalk towards you in a line. With a decent amount of accuracy, none of them should reach the room itself. Once all of them are dead, swap to Natalia and look on the floor of the control room to find a locked box she can open (gimmick box), inside you will find another Parts Box - Lv.1 Firing Rate.


Insect Larvae (2): In the second cell on the left when leaving the control room.


Search the now open cells for a crate to smash, hidden Assault Rifle Ammo (8) and a "prisoner's journal" note. Follow the luminous footprints on the ground with Natalia to the cell at the end to find a small hole she can crawl through.


Insect Larvae (3): After a drop in this short area you can find it on a wall. Make sure to bring a brick in with you before crawling through in the first place.


This leads to a few drops and a linear tunnel emerging in the room with the flaming statue. Face the statue away from the doorway to allow Barry inside. Move the statue around again once he is in to gain access to the roller door leading outside.



You'll emerge into the same outdoor area that you passed through earlier as Claire and Moria, the main difference being that it is nightime this time. There is a Green Herb behind a tree in the first area to collect. Follow the linear path until you reach the bridge area. Check under the right side of where the steps start on the bridge for some hidden Magnum Ammo (2). Unfortunately, Moria damaged the bridge when she jumped across earlier, making it impossible for Barry and Natalia to use that path. So the pair are going to have to take the long way around instead.


Look to the left from the bridge to find a set of doors you couldn't enter with the earlier duo. Check to the left of the hole next to the door for a Sapphire (500 BP). Natalia can crawl through the small hole to the left to get through. When she does, look for a brick nearby and use it to smash open the lock to let Barry through. There's a breakable crate just through the door as well to smash open and another a little way along the left cliff wall.


Insect Larvae (4): Continue to hug the left wall to find the larvae attached to a tree.


Despite the more open area here, there is only one way to go, so work your way through the brush to the narrow path that leads to a small ledge to drop down.



As you move towards the logging camp through the piles of lumber, Natalia will see a slightly different monster outline. Take note if you can of where the focused glow is on it's body (head, arms or legs), as this will be quite useful in a little while. This glow belongs to a new enemy type: the revenant. These roughly humanoid enemies are composed of several pieces of destructible skin, covering the main body of the creature.


All revenants have a weak point placed randomly on their body that is visible by Natalia's sonar ability or by being revealed after blowing off the covering piece of flesh. Sounds lovely right? They also move faster than rottens, have a fast moving charge ability they use to cover ground quickly and deal painful damage if they manage to connect with a grapple or swipe. They sometimes also bend backwards and scuttle around quickly on all fours like a crab.


The revenant however, will initially vanish after you watch the short scene introducing it. Don't worry, you'll be seeing them plenty in the near future. To start with, explore the area through the doorway in the hut on the right to find a crate to smash before crossing over to the left hut. The inside area of the hut on the left holds a Green Herb on the shelf in the first room as well as Assault Rifle Ammo (10) and hidden Handgun ammo (3) in the rear area with the closed door..



When you try to open the door here with Barry, Natalia will notice something. Players with good eyesight will spot a new hole in the roof with blood dripping down from it. When you attempt the door the second time, immediately start bashing B to cancel your action, as the revenant (you will see the oncoming shadow on the wall) is coming up behind you. Turn around and start firing at where the weak point was when Natalia first picked up the revenant.


If you don't know where, you'll have to guess or swap to Natalia. It may be worth using some assault rifle ammo here if this is the case, to bring it down quickly. When the weak spot appears (large glowing growth) focus your fire on that. Three or four handgun shots or a couple of assault rifle rounds should burst it, destroying the revenant. You will need to repeat this process for most of the revenants (ones that cannot be stealth killed or burned with firebombs) in the rest of the episode.


Once it is gone, finish opening the blocked doorway and exit the hut through the rear doors. The next section is composed of a very dark linear path through a wooded area, with multiple (around four) revenants patrolling the area. Look for the glowing light in the middle of the area to find a crate to break next to it.



Shortly after that, you'll run into your first patrolling revenant (you should be using Natalia here to detect them and remember the location of their weak points). If you are careful, you can swap to Barry and stealth kill each revenant along the path, but if they see you, you'll need to bring them down fast with weak-point focused fire.


When the trail narrows a bit after the second revenant, you should be able to find another crate next to the base of a tree. Shortly after that, you'll come to a light held up by metal scaffolding with a third revenant nearby. After taking down the revenant, look at the debris the light is pouring onto to find another breakable crate.


Tower Emblem (3): Look behind the debris in this well lit area to find the emblem


Past this point, you'll start to see the luminous footprints once again. Be careful as you approach the first set, as a revenant will literally drop down from above and start attacking.



Follow the luminous footprints and look for a brick (using Natalia's senses) against the left cliff wall. Next to it should be the second gimmick chest of this level with a Ruby (250 BP) inside. Resume your trek along the trail, towards the flickering light ahead. This will turn out to be on the side of a ramshackle building with a barrel inside to break.


Insect Larvae (5): On the wall inside the building.


Leave and keep moving up the hill to find a set of double metal doors.


Past the door is a slightly bigger and better kept shack with a fence to the left. We will have to pass through the wire fence shortly to continue on, but take the time to explore the hut. Inside you'll find some rodents that run away as you enter, along with some Assault Rifle Ammo (7) on a table, a hidden Topaz (100 BP) under a shelf to the left and an "escapee's note on another table nearby. You may also notice the nearby revenant, thankfully he cannot detect or reach you from here so don't worry about him for now.


Circle round to the side of the shack and look for a padlock on the wire gate that can be shot off to open it. Just past the gate is a crate to smash and a drop down. Clamber down the slope, and make sure to enter stealth mode at the bottom. An orange indicator will appear on screen, pointing out a nearby firebomb bottle. Firebombs are especially effective against revenants as they continue to burn away the covering skin, dealing damage to the weak point. Explosive bottles on the other hand do little damage and are a waste to use against revenants.



Pick up the bottle, line up the arc and lob it at the pair of nearby revenants (LB + RT). You can also swap secondaries by holding LB and pressing the direction on the D-Pad. If you miss or don't hit one of them, you'll have to fall back on the usual firearm tactics as the limited space will make maneuvering in melee difficult.


Ignore the metal door the revenants were guarding for now and turn left down the narrow gulley to find another small building. Climb up the stairs and head inside. The wooden door here is locked, but you can move the nearby wire crate to reveal a hole for Natalia to slip through, picking up the Topaz (100 BP) of the shelf nearby.


Open the door for Barry once you are in the room, In the room is a Green Herb on a table and a Parts Box - Lv.1 Reload Speed on top of some shelves. Grab the wire crate from the first room and use it to climb up and retrieve the parts box. After you have everything, backtrack to the metal door you passed up before and head through it.



Walk up the short slope to the lit cabin ahead. Under the stairs is hidden Handgun Ammo (2) to nab before climbing upwards. The table on the patio holds an Empty Bottle and Alcohol which can be combined to make another firebomb bottle (this will come in handy shortly, along with a hidden Topaz (100 BP) on the floor to the left. On the outer cabin wall is a Forest Map. Open the door of the cabin to find a workbench (make sure to interact with it to unload the parts boxes from your inventory), along with Tourniquets (2) and Handgun Ammo (5).


Anyone else feel like a fight is coming up? Yeah, me too. Once you're stocked up, drop down the crumbling stairs at the back of the patio to arrive at the lumberyard. The idea of this part of the level is to find a way to open the chained gate at the back of the area by powering up and using the log crane to batter it down. To do that, you'll have to visit certain locations in order. Each time dealing with more appearing revenants. Hope you still have some ammo left, you're gonna need it.


The initial outside area is thankfully free of revenants, so you can walk around outside without worry at the moment. The building on the West side of the area contains two patrolling revenants, but we'll come back to that one in a little bit. For starters, we need to investigate what's blocking the exit door. Examine it to see a ton of chains holding it closed. After Barry tries to open it, ready your gun and move a few steps away from the gate.



A pair of revenants will burst through the fence to your right. Immediately swap to Natalie to spot their weak points if you wish or just open fire on them (you can use the firebomb now if you wish). Move around to avoid their charges and try and bring them down quickly if you can as another revenant will quickly join the fray from the left/ West area. Once they are defeated, sneak through the gap in the fence that they came out of and wind your way amongst the logs as Natalia. You will come across another revenant wandering about the log piles, so use a stealth kill or just pick off his weak spot after you find it with Natalia.


Once they are all taken care of, head for the small cabin against the South wall of the area. Break the padlock on the gate to the right of the cabin stairs to create a shortcut back to the main area. Climb up the stairs and smash the crate waiting there. Enter the room and look around in the pitch black corner as Natalia for a hidden Green Herb, Walk over to the yellow machinery against the wall to turn on the power to the crane.


You'll now need to travel across the main area to the West where the cabin we passed up earlier was.


Tower Emblem (4): From the doorway of the cabin head North-East along the wall of the area to find three metal drums. Behind them is the emblem. You may need to use a sub-weapon to hit it.


Walk over and enter the cabin. When you walk inside, swap to Natalia and go into stealth to see both nearby revenants. You'll want to deal with both of them so you can freely loot the cabin area. The first revenant is pretty simple to stealth kill, he will clump up and down a small hallway. Simply open the door when he is moving away, wait for him to return and turn around and then quickly step up behind him for the kill.


The second revenant is a bit trickier. He is stationary, but rotates on the spot occasionally. Due to the vague outline, this makes it very difficult to tell which way he is facing. My advice is to approach him from the South and carefully open the door so that as little of you is exposed as possible to his sight line if he happens to face you. This may allow you to avoid being seen, so you can circle around for a second try. If you do open the door and he has his back to you, great. Just stab the bastard.



Now it's time to loot the place. Make sure to check each room thoroughly for items: Handgun Ammo (2) and hidden Assault Rifle Ammo (8). Once you are done collecting, exit via the South-East door to find a fenced off area a crate in the corner and against the fence, the crane controls.


Insect Larvae (6): On a post in the corner of this small fenced area.


Flip the switch on the control box to watch the crane smash through the chained gate. Ready yourself before using the stacked metal crates on the platform to climb over the fence as things are about to go bad.


As soon as you hit the ground on the other side of the fence, revenants will begin swarming the area. Sprint as fast as you can towards the now open gate. The revenants are infinite, so there's no point standing and fighting. When you reach it, a scene will take over, resulting in you leaving the lumberyard safely. A short path will lead to a slope and then finally you will arrive at the far side of the bridge. Hell of a detour wasn't it? Enter the radio building and use the console in the corner that Moria was using to call for help, and the episode will end.


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