Episode 2 - Contemplation (Part 2)

EPISODE 2 - Contemplation (Part 2)




Mission Medals List:


  • Gold: Defeated 5 revenant by only hitting their weak spots
  • Gold: Defeated mutant Pedro by destroying all of his eyes (spoiler, highlight to reveal)
  • Silver: Hit enemies with Natalia's brick 15 times
  • Silver: Defeated 2 enemies with a follow-up attack
  • Silver: Defeated 8 enemies with sub-weapons
  • Silver: Defeated 6 enemies using the stealth attack
  • Bronze: Defeated 6 enemies with the knife
  • Bronze: Opened 3 gimmick boxes
  • Bronze: Found 6 hidden items with Natalia
  • Bronze: Defeated 5 revenant using stealth attacks in the city warehouse


Collectible Count:


Tower emblems: 4/9
Insect Larvae: 6


As we return to the game, Barry and Natalia are heading towards the tower (having found a new jacket for Natalia along the way). You'll regain control outside the broadcast building at the base of the radio antenna.


Insect Larvae (1): Immediately turn around and re-enter the radio building. Exit out of the other side of the building and grab a brick before circling around the side of the building to find the larvae next to the fence near the cliff.


Pass through the open grassy area to the stone tunnel ahead. At the far end of the tunnel, follow the linear trail until you reach a partially decaying hut. Check on the floor inside with Natalia for a hidden Topaz (100 BP) and "Gabe's Note" on a nearby shelf.



Leave the hut and keep trudging along the overgrown forest trail. Partway along it, Natalia will point out a body slumped against the wall of rock. Examine the body with Barry to find out that it's Thompson (one of the people we met with Claire in the bar earlier). Keep moving and drop down the ledge when you reach it. After dropping down, you'll see several broken brick walls ahead. As you pass by the first one or two, a quick scene will show a nearby revenant.


The revenant should be simple to take down, it's wandering slowly in the front area of the house, going partway around the side and then turning back. This gives you plenty of time to step up behind it for some stabby fun. Circle around the the back of the house after dealing with it for a barrel to smash before following the trail once more. Check the middle of the path once you see a broken wooden fence ahead to find a hidden Topaz (100 BP).


At the end of the fence amongst the wreckage is another barrel to disintegrate. After that, drop down from the upper level and take cover behind a nearby wall, as there are two revenant moving around in the area. The first revenant patrols along the front and side of the building, while the other circles it completely. Jump through the window hole in the wall and place Barry in position behind the wall so he can look around it to see when the first revenant turns his back. Make sure you check on the second with Natalia before going in for the kill on the first revenant.



Quickly swap back to Natalia after dispatching the first revenant to see the second one's path and start circling around behind it. This one doesn't turn around unless you are not in stealth or walk into it's line of sight, so you should be able to disembowel this one with little effort. Once they are both history, check the side of the hut for a barrel to break.


Tower emblem (1): Leaning on a wall in amongst the brick walls, opposite the shack.


If you check the yellow and black painted gates at the back of the building, you'll find a key is required. Near the building (to the left of the locked gate) is a path leading up a small slope, at the top of which is a blue wooden door to pass through. Slow down and take cover behind the building to your right. Three revenant are patrolling the area, making things rather dangerous. There is a Smokescreen Bottle against the left wall of the first building to pick up. The smokescreen blinds enemies and allows you to stealth attack them or just run away.


Take the time to watch the movement patterns of the revenant before deciding the order of attack. The one on the far side is the most difficult to start with (despite it's lack of movement) as you would need to avoid the middle revenant to reach it (the far revenant is looking straight in the direction you would sneak from). So you will likely want to begin the stabbing spree with the middle revenant. The only danger is that revenant turning around or you being seen by the leftmost revenant on it's patrol. Time your assault carefully as the middle revenant has a very short patrol, meaning he turns around quickly.



If you time it correctly, you should be able to deal with all three revenant with little fuss. Screw it up however and you'll be dealing with three pissed off tough enemies. Remember your smokescreen bottle or use a firebomb to burn all three if things go tits up. Once all the enemies are dead, look near the entrance of this area for a gimmick box for Natalia. Inside is a Handgun Ammo Case, more ammo capacity is always useful.


Walk amongst the broken walls in the middle of the area to find a barrel to smash, with another against a tree in the back corner of the area. In the rightmost broken brick wall area, you'll find a wire crate that you can pick up. Take the crate to the side of the second house and place it at the base of the broken ladder to gain access to the rooftop. Climb up and walk across the wooden beam to the first house.


Tower emblem (2): While standing on the roof of the first house, look to the nearby edge of the area (the direction you entered the area from), to see it sitting partway up.


Descend the ladder into the second house as Barry, pick up the Rifle M1891/30 (sniper rifle) from the bench. Then swap over to Natalia to open the gimmick box in the corner to find a Parts Box - Lv.1 Anti-recoil. Once you have both of those, pick up the Back Gate Key in the corner. Once you've grabbed everything, climb back out of the room and drop down off the rooftop. Backtrack down the hill to the yellow and black painted gate and use the key to open the new path.



Follow the narrow trail and you'll arrive on the outskirts of the village you started in with Claire and Moira in the previous section. There's a barrel to smash to smithereens in the corner of the first shed you walk through. Check the bush behind the shed for hidden Assault Rifle Ammo (8) and the barrel next to the exit door of the shed for a hidden Sapphire (500 BP). A little further on you'll reach a small drop to climb down.


You'll now be on the South path leading to the village. Follow it along and you'll reach the village proper. As you get close to the Southernmost buildings, Natalia will spot the yellow haze denoting an enemy, but nothing is visible to Barry at all. Great, invisible enemies everyone. Hope you bought plenty of bullets as you're gonna waste a few. The enemy won't attack for now, instead moving away out of range.


This part of the town is linear, so just take the only path you can. The invisible monster will upset a post ahead and then vanish once more. Follow the path down to the beach and check the nearby end for a crate to break, before backtracking to the house next to the pole the monster pushed down. On the side of the blue building, you can find a hole for Natalia to crawl through. Unlock the door for Barry once you're inside and loot the room inside for: Fishing Village Map, Empty Bottle, Smoke Powder, Alcohol and a gimmick box that holds an Emerald (1000 BP). On the bench next to the gimmick box is a "Female Villager's Letter" to read as well.



Now you have a map, leave the house and follow the main path through the village towards the objective marker until a scene triggers. You'll finally get the chance to fight your first glasp. Glasps are hovering invisible bug-like enemies that blur and distort Barry's vision the closer they get to him. If they manage to reach Barry, they will grapple him for an instant kill.


Natalia can see the glasps and will automatically point to them and call out advice to Barry while she is under AI control. The best tactic is to take a couple of shots, swap to Natalia to zero in on the glasp again (they will dodge to the side after being hit), and fire again. Repeat this pattern and you should be able to bring the first one down. Glasps are quite fragile (requiring about four pistol rounds to put down).


The problem is the number of rounds you waste if you miss. So I suggest using weaker guns with lots of bullets (like the handgun or at a pinch, the assault rifle) to avoid wasting ammo for your powerful weapons (sniper rifle and magnum).



Near where you fought the glasp, against a fence to the West, you should see a crate to break open. Check the house to the South-West as well for another crate (believe me, you're gonna want as much ammo as you can find for the rest of this episode). When you're ready to take on another Glasp, approach the bar with Natalia to see it nearby. Once the glasp is dead, you can explore the middle area of town if you wish.


Insect Larvae (2): In the back room of the fuel depot (where you picked up the fuel in Claire and Moira's section) on the west side of town. Smack the red glow with a brick to kill it. They look like baby glasps actually.


Note: If you killed the mutant during Claire and Moira's chapter, you will be able to find the drill for Barry here.


Return to the bar building, being careful of any leftover polyps on the ground from the earlier Claire and Moira section. Use the workbench here to deposit your parts box, it's probably worth putting the anti-recoil mod on the assault rifle at this point. There's a hidden Topaz (100 BP) on the ground floor in the main area. Pick up the Empty Bottle off the bar itself, alongside "Pedro's Notes On The Bracelet." You can find a crate on the upper level to break for some goodies. Check the back room of the bar for yet another smash-able crate.


Leave the building and circle around to the side, climbing the metal stairs on the side of the building to reach the rear of the place. Here you'll find another gimmick box for Natalia that holds a Rare Parts Box - Lv.1 Daze, dropping it off at the workbench as you go. Head back down and check the broken down shack to the East of the bar to find a hidden Rifle Ammo (2) amongst the metal drums. Ambulate over to the storage shed next to the green gate (leading to the chopper) in the North-West corner to find a crate to smash apart.



When you're done exploring, head East and get ready for another glasp fight as you turn to the North path leading out of the village.


Insect Larvae (3): On the North cliff face in the small area just after passing through the gate.


Follow it around until you reach the tunnel Claire and Moira used previously. Thankfully the brick wall blocking the path is gone, but that raises some worrying questions. Enter the tunnel and drop down from the ledge inside. Swap to Natalia to locate the nearby enemy.


It seems orthrus have decided to inhabit the tunnel since your last trek through. So ready your handgun and knife to deal with them. Don't forget Natalia's brick throw ability if you can find one as it can help damage or kill the initially stationary orthrus. Continue along the tunnel until you reach the base of the stairs. Natalia should be able to detect two more orthrus on the steps above, so deal with them when you are prepared.


Open the metal door at the top of the stairs to exit into the open air again. Seems like all the orthrus moved into the tunnel to avoid the rain, thus leaving the outside area without enemies thankfully. How they managed to open the door is beyond me. Turn right and then right again to find a crate in the corner to forcibly dismantle. Walk across the area to reach the blue wall and open the door there.



As you walk through the door, a short scene will commence. Your next destination is the previously blocked metal gate that was opened by the afflicted rushing through it to chase Neil in the Claire and Moira section. Swap to Natalia here to detect two revenant in the alley behind the building. The first one is moving back and forth in a short straight line patrol, the other is lying on the ground. If you're quick, you can sneak up behind the patrolling revenant and stealth kill it.


For the one on the ground, you'll want to use Natalia's brick or just blast away at it with Barry, as getting close will trigger it. Once the second revenant is down, check the right wall here for a crate to smash and then open the metal doors to pass through. Here you'll be presented with a choice, upstairs or downstairs. The upstairs path leads to a drillable wall (which you can only access if you killed the mutant in Claire and Moira's episode) open it if you can


Note: Behind the drillable wall


Insect Larvae (4): On the wall just inside the drillable wall.


You can pick up Magnum Ammo (6) off a cabinet. You'll see a gap in the wall here with a revenant moving around the room below. You can kill it safely by picking it off from this room before jumping across. Jump across the gap to the other apartment to find a gimmick box in the corner with an Emerald (1000 BP) inside. Take the Alcohol off the shelf and leave the room via the white door. You'll see a new enemy here, a slinger. Alongside him will be two revenants as well.


The slinger itself is stationary with an obvious weak point. The problem is it throws it's regenerating arm as a ranged attack, inflicting nasty damage and obscuring your sight. Use your rifle or magnum to bring it down fast in a shot or two before dealing with the revenants. Drop down off the landing overlooking the room full of shipping containers to rejoin the regular walkthrough. You will want to backtrack through the warehouse area (don't open the roller door in the shipping container room) to pick up items and the map for the area before leaving this area via the roller door in this room.


Note: Normal walkthrough resumes


Otherwise head downstairs instead. Turn left at the bottom of the stairs for some Gunpowder. Swap to Natalia and carefully monitor the revenant behind the white door. As soon as it turns around, swap to Barry and open the door, moving in for the stealth kill. Watch out when it reaches the wall, as it will rotate 90 degrees (the shelf should block it's vision, but adjust your position to avoid detection in case). In the middle of the room is a Cloth, on a nearby shelf is a Town Map and in the corner between two barrels is some Magnum Ammo (3).



Move up the small steps at the back of the room as Natalia and watch the next patrolling revenant. This one is simpler, as he only moves back and forth in a straight line. Wait for him to turn around and introduce you sharp little friend to him. The third revenant is a little more tricky as you will need to move forward from cover to cover to get close. The good news is you can see the revenant as Barry, so timing your strike isn't too difficult.


Another new enemy awaits through the white door here, a Slinger. Slingers are stationary ranged enemies that launch slightly homing projectiles (spawn, minions, I don't know) through the air towards you. The projectiles will adjust slightly, but can't turn sharply or move around cover, so it is possible to avoid them. If a projectile connects, it will do a fair amount of damage and cover the screen in gunk, making it impossible to see.


This can be cleaned away by disinfectant (made from cloth and green herb), but each hit will put it on you again so it tends to be a waste of green herbs. The slinger has one easily visible weak point that you can hit for bonus damage, but it will twist and move around making it harder to hit. The assault rifle is probably your best bet against it as it allows you to quickly compensate for it's movements, while being effective at range (so usuable from cover). Once you deal enough damage, the slinger will crumple and die.



The firefight shouldn't alert the two revenant in the room, but if it does, retreat back into the previous room to avoid being hit by the slinger's projectiles while you battle the revenant. Take on the revenant when you are ready, either watching their movements and using stealth attacks or firing on them directly. Once the battle is over, climb up on the container in the South-West corner of the room to find a breakable crate. The North-West corner next to the roller door has a gimmick chest, from which you can obtain an Expansion Bag (Natalia) which should make inventory management a lot easier.


Open the roller door to walk out into the rain once again. Immediately look to your left for a crate to do horrible, horrible things to. Check on the park seats against the West wall of the area for an Empty Bottle.


Insect Larvae (5): Found at the top of the slide. Swing at the larvae from partway down the slide to hit it. You can get a brick from the next area or from in front of the bus and bring it back here.


Enter the bus at the North end of the are, checking the back of it for a Green Herb while being careful to avoid being seen by the nearby revenant. This next battle sequence can be unexpectedly dangerous. There are two revenants on the street as well as a slinger around the corner at the top of the stairs which will open fire as soon as it sees you. If you are blinded while fighting a revenant, you're going to take massive damage, so be very careful.



I suggest stealth killing the closest revenant and then immediately retreating to the bus (actually inside it) to avoid the slinger's projectiles. If the second revenant was triggered deal with him and then return to battle the slinger. If the second revenant wasn't triggered, move back out enough to fire at it (triggering it) and then retreat to the bus to deal with it. If you don't take this fight cautiously, your health bar and healing items will hate you. So much. Watch the video from the 1:01:30 mark if you don't believe me.


Climb the staircase and enter the door at the top to find yourself back in the area with the security room and metal gate. You'll immediately see enemies on this floor and the one below when you are in control of Natalia. Those enemies are our favorite glasps, yup the invisible bugs. Hope you still have some bullets left, I certainly didn't. As you move East, you'll be hit by the distortion effect, but don't worry, it's on the floor below so it can't see you yet. The hallway that was clear for Claire and Moira is now blocked off by a fallen shelf, so you're going to need to go down the stairs.


The door at the bottom should be open and in the operating theater beyond is the first glasp of the area. You'll want to position yourself in the doorway, preferably behind Natalia so you have a good range of sight and you can adjust your aim easily to match where she's pointing. Remember to switch between Barry and Natalia to track it's location better. The glasp also floats, so don't aim at the ground, instead aim a couple of feet/ half a meter up to increase your odds of hitting it.



When the glasp goes down, you're going to need to repeat the same trick on the one upstairs. Due to it's positioning, you should be able to get one direct shot befoe it starts to move, so you may want to use a magnum or sniper rifle shot to kill it in one hit or heavily damage it. If you miss, swap back to your handgun or assault rifle to deal with it. Once the second glasp is out of the way, check the desk drawer in the corner of the room for some Gunpowder.


Next to the blue door at the far end of the room is a gimmick box for Natalia, with a Parts Box - Lv.2 Damage inside. Open the blue door to gain access to the security room. You can open the red door here, but there's little point as the hall is blocked. Open the desk drawer for Handgun Ammo (15). Unlike Claire and Moira's trip through the gate, you can't run for it. This time, you'll have to command one character to stay which is: Y + D-pad down (Xbox), Triangle + D-pad down (Playstation). Leave Natalie in the room while you control Barry, backtracking all the way back to the metal gate.


When you get there, swap to Natalia and pull the lever in the security room. This will open the gate for Barry, but how to get Natalia through? Observant players will have noticed a hole in the wall next to the gate that she can crawl through. Take control of her, backtrack and scramble through it. Open the blue door and rejoin Barry. You may have to use the follow command: Y + D-pad up (Xbox), Triangle + D-pad up (Playstation) to get him moving again.



Open the blue door to the covered walkway and descend the steps at the end. There aren't any enemies in this soggy outdoor section, so hurry towards the blue door to get out of the rain. A short scene will trigger when you open the door. Inside, use the workbench to deposit your parts box. The level 2 damage upgrade is definitely worth putting on, preferably on the assault rifle for both general use and one enemy in particular we'll be meeting in a little while. From this point on, try to conserve as much (at least 60) assault rifle ammunition as you can for later in this episode.


Leave the room to enter another dingy hallway. This is the floor with the elevator that Claire and Moira ascended in. Unfortunately as a result the elevator is broken and Barry and Natalia will have to do things the hard way (as usual). An Odorous Chemical is sitting on the ground next to the elevator to pick up. The door opposite the lift is blocked by a brick wall that requires a drill, so we'll need to come back.


If you opened the crowbar door with Moira here, you can now head inside to access the gimmick chest with Natalia to obtain Parts Box - Lv.2 Capacity. The small room to the South has a "Town Resident's Memo" on a shelf with a hidden Topaz (100BP) next to the toilet, as well as a hole in the wall nearby for Natalia to crawl through. On the other side of the hole, pick up the Assault Rifle Ammo (24) off the crate to the right and open the door for Barry. To start with, we'll want to dispose of the glasp on the stairs two floors up. Carefully ascend the stairs as Natalia, keeping an eye on the glasp above until you get close enough to swap to Barry and open fire on it. Due to the cramped nature of the stairs, it should be pretty easy to pinpoint.



Descend back down to the floor below (killing the glasp now was just to ensure it couldn't blindside you later if you accidentally alerted it). Check the small room to the East for Alcohol on a table. Back out and have a look in the rooms to the West. You'll find a crate just inside, a "Town Resident's Note" in the larger room and hidden Handgun Ammo (5) amongst the chairs in the middle of the room.


Walk back out to the starting hallway and ignore the white door (it's locked from the other side). Circle around, breaking the crate in the North-West corner before swapping to Natalia. As Natalia, move through the small room in the North and crawl through the hole. There is a glasp on the far side of the room, but it shouldn't spot you if you stick as far away as possible as you hug the wall to reach the white door to unlock it for Barry.


Once the door is unlocked, you can use Barry to bring down the glasp. Look in the left corner of the room for a (most likely needed) Red Herb, smash the crate in the corner and pick up the Smoke Powder off the shelf in the middle of the room.


Tower Emblem (3): On the top of a shelf on the North wall of the room.



Return to the staircase and head up two floors. Break the crate on the landing before walking into the floor itself. The white door in the hall will be locked, so you'll have to enter the smaller rooms to the West. In the first room you'll find Handgun Ammo (15) on a shelf. Oh that helicopter, yeah, that's a leftover from the earlier part of the episode with Claire and Moira. Swap to Barry and push it out of the way (wow, could it possibly make any more noise? Maybe if it was full of fireworks).


Grab the Empty Bottle from the corner of the newly accessible room. Before moving on swap to Barry, prep all your weapons and make sure Barry has all the ammo, explosive bottles and firebombs. Yeah, this is the point that hoarding your assault rifle ammo pays off people. When you enter the door at the end of the short hallway, mutant Pedro will burst through the wall. He still has his drill and deals impressive damage if he connects with it.


The target here is the eyes covering his body. Due to his fast and erratic movements, it's generally better to fire a stream of bullets as best you can at them, rather than trying for extreme accuracy with the magnum or sniper rifle. You can also use explosive bottles and firebombs to damage him as well if you want. If you manage to destroy all the eyes or deal enough damage, he will fall. During the fight, make sure to make good use of evade: LS + B (Xbox) LS + Circle (Playstation), to avoid his charges and wild swings.



Once the fight is over, pick up the drill from Pedro's body and listen to Barry's horrible pun. In the Pedro battle room, smash the crate against the wall and check the room beyond for another crate. Unlock the white door to gain access to the stairs again. Descend all the way back to the base of the stairs and backtrack to the wall you can drill through.


Swap to Barry and break down that wall. Open the double doors beyond to burst out onto the road leading to the base of the ominous tower. Against a car to the left as you emerge is a crate to break and a body to examine as Barry. Huh, so that's what happened to the helicopter pilot. Check on the ground beside him for hidden Magnum Ammo (3).


Amongst the shipping crates nearby is a hidden Topaz (100 BP) to grab. You can't crawl into the hole to reach the area Claire and Moira fought the vulcanblubber, so don't bother. Check beside some crates opposite though to find a hidden Sapphire. Continue North along the road and climb up the steps to the glowing red doorway of the tower.



Open the roller door and walk into the first room.


Tower Emblem (4): Look overhead to the beams in the first room to the right to spot the emblem.


Move through the room to reach the second one with the staircases. Between them on a shelf is "Clinical Experiment Notes" to read. Before ascending the right staircase, check the nearby doorway to spot another crate to smash and a gimmick chest that holds an Emerald (1000 BP).Return to the previous room and ascend the right staircase. Halfway up is a breakable crate for your pleasure.


Climb to the top and then descend the other side of the stairs to find "Parting Words To My Dear Father." Traipse up the stairs once more.


Insect Larvae (6): On the wall to the right before entering the creepy hallway. You'll need to throw the brick up past the railing to hit it.


Enter the bloodstained corridor beyond, bypassing the creepy children's toys and coffins. At the far end a scene will trigger, concluding the episode.


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