Episode 3 - Judgment (Part 1)

EPISODE 3 - Judgment (Part 1)




Mission Medal List:


  • Gold: Knocked down an enemy 5 times by blinding them with the light, then hitting them with a physical attack
  • Gold: Escaped the factory with only 1 minute left
  • Silver: Stunned 20 enemies with Moira's light
  • Silver: Defeated 10 enemies with sub-weapons
  • Silver: Defeated 3 enemies using the stealth attack
  • Silver: Defeated 10 enemies with a headshot
  • Bronze: Created 5 sub-weapons by combining items
  • Bronze: Created 5 recovery items by combining items
  • Bronze: Opened 4 military boxes
  • Bronze: Found 7 hidden items with Moira


Collectible Count:


Tower Emblems: 6/11
Kafka Drawings: 6


Note: You will want to stockpile at least 5 decoy bottles for a section in the first half of this episode, so start storing them up.


After watching the recap and intro cinematic, you'll regain control of Claire and Moira at the base of the mysterious tower. Having read the note in the scene, you should know now to head for the factory. Descend the stairs and begin following the road to the West, listening to both characters voice their thoughts as they move along.


Kafka Drawing (1): Check the wall to the right of the roller door to find the drawing.


When you reach the roller door at the end, lift it up to enter the factory area.



Traipse along the straight path, breaking the crate against the left fence as you go. Just beyond the crate is a blue metal door you can pass through to enter the factory grounds. A short scene will trigger here showing the way back being blocked. There's no way back now, so the only way is forward, folks. From the blocked entrance, head left to find a nearby corner with a crate to smash lurking in it.


Tower Emblem (1): Look up on the wall above where the shipping crate in the corner is to spot the emblem.


After that, return to the entrance and examine the nearby fence to the right (underneath some sheets of corrugated iron) for a hidden Topaz (100 BP). Continue along the fence until you get a brief message from the Overseer and reach a more open area with three large entrances. Waltz over to the corner of the area opposite the statue doorway to find a military box for Moira containing a Machine Pistol Ammo Case.


Have a look on top of the wooden box next to the retina scanner door for some Alcohol as well. Look on the front of the building directly above the statue of Prometheus (which is blocking the door) to see a Ruby (250 BP) embedded in the surface that you can shoot down and obtain. When you're ready to move on, approach the statue blocking the doorway and examine it to trigger some brief dialogue between the two characters. This will unlock the door directly behind you, allowing you access to the factory offices.



Once you're inside, search the reception desk near the red folder for a hidden Topaz (100 BP), then pass by the workbench (unless you need to adjust your weapon parts), and enter the blue door at the end of the hallway. You'll see the path split in front of you after passing through the door, take the left path along the corridor first and walk through the yellow door into the glass window cool room with slabs of meat on shelves inside. Ready your flashlight or weapon as an afflicted will appear in the center of the room between the shelves. Keep in mind that a lot of the afflicted in this section of the game will transform into sploders upon death, including this one. So be wary.


Once the afflicted/sploder is take care of, start opening the metal lockers in the room. You'll find Handgun Ammo (15) inside one of them. On a desk against the wall is an Odorous Chemical to pick up. After grabbing everything, leave the cool room and turn left to see a locked yellow door with an Empty Bottle beside it. Backtrack to the cool room door and then head to the opposite end of the corridor to find a bathroom, picking up the Alcohol on the desk along the left wall on the way.


Open the first stall door to find a Cloth. Retreat out of the bathroom and climb the stairs nearby. Ignore the first door at the top (it requires a retina scan), instead turning to the right and right again to a dead end. Use Moira's flashlight to find a hidden Green Herb amongst the pipes before entering the doorway next to you to step into another bathroom. The third stall (open) has an afflicted waiting to ambush you, so be careful when you draw close. Don't forget about the sploder warning as it will transform. Check the back corner of the bathroom area for a Green Herb.


Kafka Drawing (2): On the wall in the stall the afflicted was hiding in.



Leave the bathroom and walk along the hallway you haven't used to the big red lit door with the star handles at the back of the area. Examine the inside of the cabinet next to the door with the flashlight to find a hidden Ruby (250 BP). Open the ominous doorway and you'll step into a room that looks like a torture chamber. The spikes on the ceiling are obviously there to make your life painful, but this is a simple puzzle (still killed me a few times as I was over-thinking the solutions, Moira's flashlight, hidden buttons, destroying machinery etc). The hint in the corner is rather double edged, if you take it literally you die.


However, the idea here is to remove the artificial eye from the smaller bird statue. When you do, the spikes will begin their descent. Stay next to the front of the smaller bird statue and wait until the top of the larger statue is crushed by the descending spikes, releasing the key. Immediately re-insert the artificial eye into the smaller bird statue to retract the spikes. Pick the Processing Plant Key up off the floor and leave the room.


Turns out retrieving the key has triggered every damn enemy in the place, so be ready for a fight as you emerge. Approaching the blue door in the hall to the left will trigger an ironhead to burst through the doorway. While you are dealing with him, four afflicted will arrive from other rooms (on the left and right sides of the area) to join the fray. Another afflicted will be patrolling the lower floor as well for you to take on (you can use the processing plant key on the yellow door at the bottom of the stairs to get close for a stealth attack). Another afflicted will be wandering around in the cool room as well to get rid of. Don't forget about sploder transformations, or else you'll take massive damage when you aren't paying attention.



Now that the place is clear for the moment, go back to the second floor and take the time to explore the two rooms opened by the previous enemy rush. The room behind the blue door opened by the ironhead holds Machine Pistol Ammo (30), Empty Bottle and an Odorous Chemical. In the corner is another military chest for Moira to open which has a Parts Box - Lv.1 Focus inside. Keep an eye out when you move to the back corner of this room as the dead afflicted outside may trigger their sploder transformations at this point, just to be pains in the ass. Afterwards look inside the lockers in the corner to find Shotgun Ammo (6) and Gunpowder.


On the opposite side of the floor, there is a room that the afflicted smashed through the glass windows of. Walk across and jump through the open windows. Check the drawer on the left wall for a hidden Sapphire (500 BP). You can find Handgun Ammo (15) and Gunpowder in the lockers along the back of the room. Look under the desk on the right wall for a hidden Topaz (100 BP). The drawers of the desks don't hold anything, so leave the room when you're done looting.


Tower Emblem (2): Head to the large square hole in the middle of this level/ floor and look amongst the chains above the flag to spot the bottom half of the emblem.


Return to the lower floor and use the processing plant key to unlock the red lit star door. You'll enter into a dark room on a catwalk over the floor. Before you do anything else, be warned that the room contains killer lasers that will instantly destroy you if you move out of the marked safe areas on the floor below. Pick up the Green Herb in the corner of the catwalk before stopping at the drop down spot on the catwalk to the floor below. To stay alive, use Moira's flashlight to reveal the footprint path that will take you to the bust at the back of the room (the small square containing the bust is safe). Once you reach the end of the footprint trail and reach the bust, grab the Glass Eye out of it to disarm the lasers in the room.



Make your way back out of the laser room and trudge back upstairs once more (keeping an eye out for more sploders). Re-enter the spike trap room and take the Artificial Eye from the small statue again. This time, place the glass eye back into the small statue to stop the trap. This new eye can be used to open doors locked with the retina scanner. Now leave the spike trap room and head back to the retina scanner room at the top of the stairs on this floor.


On the coffee table in the middle of the room inside, you'll find the Magnum Model 329 for Claire to grab (finally, some powerful mid range hardware). You can also smash the vase on the table for a Sapphire (500 BP). Check under the metal shelf in the back of the room for a hidden Topaz (100 BP). You'll be able to see a map on the work desk in front of the seated corpse but be unable to grab it. To obtain it, you need to interact with the corpse first, picking up Liver Replica (Right). Afterwards, you can nab the Food Processing Plant Map off the work desk.


With that done' it's time to leave the offices and enter the actual slaughterhouse area of the factory. Drop off your parts box at the workbench in the entrance hall, then head back to the outside area with the three doors and enter the one with the retina scanner to reach the slaughterhouse. Against the right wall when you walk through the door is a crate to break apart. Between two wooden boxes on the left hand wall is an Empty Bottle to pick up. Enter the blue doors at the end of the hall once you are done.



Smash the crate on the table directly ahead when you walk through the doors first. Be careful as you near the second pillar towards the back of the room as an afflicted is hiding on the floor behind it. At the back of the room you can read "Factory Chief's Journal 2." The three blue tubs against the left wall have a hidden Topaz (100 BP) underneath them to take. To leave the room, exit via the yellow door (not the open hallway). This leads to an area with several fences/ pens in it. In the corner of this room you can find a Red Herb to top up your herb total.


Kafka Drawing (3): Check the wall in this room to find the drawing.


Be cautious as you near the hall leading out of this room, as an afflicted is patrolling the corridor beyond. Take cover on the right side of the hall behind the metal bins and stealth attack when you get the opportunity (he turns around at the top of the stairs, so make sure you'll reach him before that point). Now that the hall is clear, backtrack to the blue tub against the wall and check underneath it for a hidden Topaz (100 BP).


Descend the steps at the end of the hall to reach a room filled with pools of blood and hanging pig carcasses (anyone else reminded of the Saw movies yet?). On a table to the left is some Cloth to grab. You'll also see a crate floating in each pool of blood that you can break open. Be wary when you get to the middle of the room and Moira says "something's coming." Ready your best weaponry for mid range (handgun, machine pistol, magnum and explosive bottles), as you are about to be attacked by a vulcanblubber (the huge enemies that shoot fireballs). It will arrive in the back room of this area (the room with metal bars in the windows), so be ready when it does.



You can use the posts (indestructible) and pig carcasses to block the vulcanblubber's shots, so you can afford to be more offensive in this battle compared to the one in Episode 2 (p1) where the cover could easily be demolished and you were being attacked by multiple enemies. Once the vulcanblubber hits the ground, you can explore the back area of this room. Inside you'll find Gunpowder and a military chest for Moira to unlock with an Expansion Bag (Claire) inside. This will finally maximize your inventory for both characters, making hoarding items much easier and allowing you to put up a better fight against more powerful enemies by holding more ammo and recovery items. There's also a crate in the corner to break down with your melee attacks.


Ignore the red lit star handle door for now, as you don't have the key yet. Instead, travel down the hallway on the opposite side of the room, checking on the ground next to the metal bins for hidden Handgun Ammo (5).


Tower Emblem (3): Check inside the blue container in the hallway to find the emblem inside.


Open the door at the end with Moira's Crowbar and step inside. This will take you to a small control room with a switch in the middle. The switch doesn't do anything at the moment, so take a second to examine the room beyond. Five spinning blade traps are visible, with the one in the center at the far end holding the Slaughterhouse Key on it (don't take it yet!).


Before taking it, look back towards the control room to see a climbable ledge above it. This is where you'll have to go to avoid the blades. The timing for getting everything here is very tight, and may result in a few deaths. Make sure you have at least three empty inventory slots on Moira as well before you pick up the key. When you take the key, the control room door will lock. Immediately head back towards the control room, ducking under the blades of the approaching blade traps and position yourself under the climbable ledge to boost Moira up.



Take control of Moira and break the crate in front of you. Quickly check the floor on the catwalk for hidden Handgun Ammo (5) and then circle around the barrier in the middle to find a military chest for Moira with a Rare Parts Box - Lv.3 Firing Rate inside. As soon as you have it, drop off the side of the catwalk and trip the lever in the control room to open the door for Claire. If you did the process quick enough, you should have just enough time to scoot inside before the whirling blades greet your face. Once you are both safely inside, the blades will finish their run and turn off.


Backtrack to the butchery with all the hanging pig bodies and open the red lit start handled door now that you have the key. Pass through the first small room to reach the preparation room. You'll see cuts of pig dangling over a machine in the center of the room. Getting close to the machine will prompt Moira or Claire to point out an object inside (the second liver piece). You should instantly understand what to do to retrieve it. For anyone who still can't work it out, you're going to need to grind pig legs in the machine to lift the liver out of the container to obtain it. Of course, this being a Resident Evil game, life is never that easy.


Climb onto the metal scaffold next to the grinder to find a Sapphire (500 BP). Break the crates next to the back wall before entering the room with the glass window. You'll find another couple of crates to break in this room as well, along with another military crate for Moira that holds a Parts Box - Lv.3 Capacity within. Once you have everything, walk over to the lever next to the glass window. This controls the conveyor belt that holds the cuts of pig above the grinder. Hold down the lever as Moira and swap to Claire. Backtrack into the room with the grinder and start shooting down the legs as they cross above the grinder (shoot the hooks/ top of the legs to knock them down).



Once you've ground around three haunches/ legs, vent covers will slam down next to Claire and a sploder will drop down into the room. Back away and quickly pop it off before going to help Moira in the next room. Two afflicted have dropped down in there as well and will be attacking her. Be careful about killing the afflicted with a growth, as the polyps can fall into the pool of blood, making them essentially invisible. If you're unsure, send in Moira to tank the damage, as she'll heal up automatically afterwards. Pick them off before resuming the grinding.


After dropping in another leg, a scene will take over showing the Liver Replica (Left) is available for you to pick up next to the grinder. A few seconds after picking up the liver, all the enemies in the factory will go berserk and swarm you. You'll need to get back to the front exit of the slaughterhouse building by backtracking. Unfortunately you'll be attacked by sploders, ironheads, vulcanblubbers and afflicted as you try to escape. Hopefully you've stockpiled decoy bottles (like I recommended) and/ or green herbs as you are gonna need them to reach safety.


Sprint back through the halls, avoiding the enemies and throwing decoy bottles when you have to. Swapping between characters can also get you through clustered situations sometimes, so take advantage of it if you can. You will probably want to control Moira for most of the run due to her near invulnerability (especially against sploders), only swapping back to Claire if you need to kill or knock down an enemy. Flee down the front hall and open the door to emerge into the relative safety of the open air once more.



Before doing anything with the liver parts, head back to the office building to drop off your parts boxes at the workbench and adjust your weaponry. Once everything is set up to your satisfaction, leave the office building and approach the statue of Prometheus. Place both parts of the liver in the statue and then back away, as a few seconds later it will explode and damage anyone nearby. Now that the way is clear, head inside to enter the new building. Follow the hallway and open the first yellow door on the left.


Check the gaps between the lowest row of barrels along the back wall for a hidden Topaz (100 BP). Check the pile of barrels in the center for a P10 (handgun), the corner for a Green Herb and a crate to destroy on the floor. Leave the room and enter the blue door at the end of the hall. As you enter, the door behind you will be barred shut, so forwards is your only option. Pass through the next blue door on the opposite wall and follow the corridor around and up the stairs to the roller door at the end.


Wrench the roller door up to be confronted by sheets of flame covering the interior in front of you. This is a timed section (5 minutes) that requires you to switch back and forth between Claire and Moira several times to reach the end. There are several crates along the walkways, but they are out in the open and easily visible, so just break them as you go. At the first path split, turn left and boost Moira up at the end. Move Moira along the walkway a few steps until your path is blocked by a gout of flame. Swap back to Claire and turn the valve next to you to let Moira through. Swap back to Moira and turn the valve in front of you to clear the next flame barrier in Claire's path.



Change over to Claire and look for the first left back towards the way you entered. Descend the stairs here and climb the ladder at the end. Directly in front of you at the top of the ladder is the next valve to clear Moira's path. After turning it, pull out a pistol and look towards Moira (press the Y key to make an icon appear if you can't locate her). An ironhead will get up and start moving towards her. Pick it off with the handgun (it should only take a couple of shots as it is already weakened).


Swap over to Moira and follow the path past the dead ironhead to find a wire bar crate you can move. Trudge over to the corner with the broken ladder and place it at the base. Control Claire and continue along the path, it should split into a square shape here with two paths (inner and outer). Each one has an afflicted on it, so just pick one and kill the afflicted on the way. Shortly past that, you'll be stopped by another wall of fire.


Tower Emblem (4): Before climbing onto the crate, swap to Claire and look on the wall near the crate to spot the emblem.


Change back to Moira and climb up the crate to the ledge above. Yet another valve is waiting along the walkway, so turn it. This will clear the way for Claire below. Swap to Claire and push forward to the open area ahead. Moira should drop down the ladder and join you at this point. The book on the nearby boxes is "The Four Gates," and is a hint on how to get past this puzzle. Four faces block your path on the gate ahead, each with a switch in their mouth. Selecting the right switch will open the gate, the wrong one will result in death (obviously). How do you work out which one to use? Look in the corner of the area for a point to boost Moira up.



Take control of Moira and take the first left on the path to find a military chest (it had to have four damn locks didn't it?) at the end with a Parts Box - Lv.4 Damage inside. Backtrack and travel the rest of the walkway around to the back of the gate blocking the path. Have a squiz at the back of the faces to see which one is missing the evil killer claws and that is the one you want Claire to trigger to get through safely. Swap back to Claire and select the correct switch to have the face swing aside, allowing you access to the roller door out of this room full of hellfire. Once you open the roller door a scene will trigger.


When you regain control, you'll be standing in the waterway at the back of the factory.


Kafka Drawing (4): On the wall to the left of the tunnel entrance ahead.


Follow the short waterlogged path around the bend and up some stairs to another roller door. Follow the linear path to the locked gate blocking your path and take control of Claire to interact with it, triggering a scene. Afterwards, the way forward will be unlocked. Open the gate and use the workbench on the other side to deposit your parts box. If you picked up the lv.4 damage part, definitely attach it to something to increase damage by a decent margin (I put it on the machine pistol to deal massive damage quickly at close range).


Descend the steps near the workbench to enter the water once more. Turn right from the bottom of the steps towards the dead end and examine the room beyond the metal bars.


Tower Emblem (5): On the wall through the metal bars.


Return to the stairs and travel the other way this time, after rounding the first corner, you'll find a ledge above the water level. Climb up and look on top of the wooden boxes to find the Sewers Map. Drop down off the ledge and follow the tube straight ahead to the red lit dead end. Here, you can climb onto the ledge, break a crate as it sits there mocking you and then clamber up to another level to find a military chest for Moira that holds a Parts Box - Lv.2 Capacity within.


Leave the dead end and and turn South at the path split ahead heading West at the end to pass underneath a curtain of water.


Kafka Drawing (5): On the wall above the bars at the end of the waterway.


Climb on the wooden boxes here and then up onto the ledge above. Cross the pipe for a crate to dismantle and a valve you can turn. Turning this valve will open the metal gate below, which will be useful in Barry and Natalia's journey. Check the ground next to the valve with Moira's flashlight for a hidden Ruby (250 BP) before backtracking. Travel in the opposite direction and clamber up on to the ledge to the right to break a crate sitting there, plotting evilly against you.



Continue East until you reach a passage with several arched holes in the walls above (with black and yellow paint beneath them). Turn South and climb onto the smaller ledge for Shotgun Ammo (6) and a hidden Topaz (100 BP). Drop off the concrete into the water below and head North a little so you climb up onto the wire walkway beneath the Eastern arched holes. You can actually jump up to the ones on this side, Have Claire boost Moira up to find Cloth, Alcohol, Handgun Ammo (15) and another Military crate for Moira which holds a Rare Parts Box - Burst+ 1 inside.


You can also find a wire metal crate up here. Drop it down to the walkway below (could be handy for Barry and Natalia later). Prep your weapons and head North when you are ready. As you reach the corner, a vulcanblubber will appear and start moving to engage you. At the same time, three afflicted will rise up out of the water and attack. This is a good time to throw a decoy bottle to keep the afflicted off your back while you deal with the vulcanblubber. If you equipped the lv.4 damage to a weapon earlier, use it to pour damage onto the vulcanblubber and bring it down quickly (took around a clip or two of machine pistol ammo on normal difficulty). One of the afflicted will transform into a sploder afterwards, so don't relax your guard.


Once the way is clear, smash the crate on the nearby platform before climbing the stairs to the East. You'll find a barred door for Moira's crowbar here, but leave it for now. Instead, move to the gap in the railing and jump across to the platform opposite. Climb up and carefully walk onto the narrow pipe before jumping across and dropping down the shaft beyond. Break another crate at the bottom and turn the valve to open the metal gate leading out. Before leaving, climb the ladder to the South to find a Sapphire (500 BP) and Red Herb for the taking.



Head back down the ladder and slosh North up the stairs to reach the crowbar door again. Break the boards off and pass through. Directly ahead through the door on the floor is a hidden Ruby (250 BP) and Handgun Ammo (15) on the wooden box. Follow the corridor East until you reach a large partially flooded room with a big raised gate in the center of it. Pick up the Empty Bottle off the drum to your left. Descend the stairs into the water and pass under the raised gate. When you do, an afflicted will rise out of the water nearby (to the East). Pick him off or use Moira's flashlight and follow up attacks to bring him down. Circle around to the platform at the South wall with the glowing green switch on it.


Walk up onto the platform and flip the green switch to drop the gate in the middle of the area. Doing so will trigger the appearance of three afflicted in the water and an ironhead from the stairs to the West. Be careful as one of the afflicted will turn into a sploder after you kill it. Ascend the stairs that the ironhead came down from and cross over the top of the now closed gate. Smash the crate on the other side and climb more stairs. Jump across the gap in the path to find another large waterlogged room. Descend the stairs into the water and head South past the circular posts on the platform. Head to the far south wall of the area and look amongst the debris for a hidden Topaz (100 BP).


Check the far West wall to find a ramp leading out of the water with a crate to bitch-slap on it. You'll also see footprints on the ground if you use Moira's flashlight. Check the ground nearby with Moira's flashlight to find a hidden Topaz (100 BP). Follow the path up to a split (left and right). Take the left path to the hole in the wall first and crouch under it. You'll find another crate to pwn and on the rear side of the hole a Ruby (250 BP) embedded in the earth that you can shoot down to obtain.



Retreat out of the small area through the hole and head in the opposite direction this time (taking the right path). On a crate in front of you is a Green Herb to pick up and beyond that is some Alcohol sitting on a canister. Tromp down the stairs to the North into the water once again. For now ignore the stairs on the West wall. Instead, follow the waterway to the North. Break the crate brooding in the North-East corner before continuing West. In the far West side of the room, you'll spot a Rare Parts Box - Lv.1 Charge Shot underneath a pipe on one of the concrete platforms.


Now you can backtrack to that set of stairs we passed up earlier. Scramble up them and start crossing the pipes and boards that make up the narrow path until afflicted rise up from the water below. You may want to head back and deal with them on safer ground to avoid falling into a dangerous situation here, plus it will prevent you being swarmed. They can actually teleport up onto the pipe, making life very difficult, so just backtrack and deal with them before you try taking the pipe path again.


Once they are dealt with, resume your balancing act across the narrow path until you reach a split in the path, with one direction heading West, the other North. The West board will break when you step on it, dunking you into the water below. If you've killed the afflicted already, this isn't a big deal. Take the North path to reach a more solid catwalk. Kick down the ladder here (in case you get knocked down later) and break the crate in the corner.



Once you've done that, head West along the catwalk and climb the short ladder to reach another pipe that passes above one of the metal platforms below. Position yourself and drop down to the metal platform below. Pick up the Alcohol behind you after you land and make sure you are controlling Claire. When you start moving along the narrow path again, a sploder will drop down just ahead of you. Pull out your pistol and dispose of it quickly before it gets too close. An afflicted will also drop down onto the platform you were just on, so you may want to use a shotgun shell to blast it off or some machine pistol ammo to bring it down fast.


Another sploder will drop down in the same spot as the last one a few seconds later, as well and an ironhead rising out of the water below. Pick off the sploder. If both of you are still on the pipe, you can ignore the ironhead and keep moving if you wish. Otherwise drop down and take it on. Another pair of afflicted will rise up from the water almost immediately, so be ready to engage them as well. Either way, get back to the platform and move on. Follow the linear path to the end of the pipes, down a set of stairs, up another and then climb up the ladder.


At the top of the ladder, you'll stand up in what looks like a small workshop. Pick up the Empty Bottle off the table. Check the South-West corner with Moira's flashlight for a hidden Topaz (100 BP). Open the nearby roller door to walk into an underground cemetary, with tombstones spread around the area. Enter the second, larger room and turn to the right across the small bridge.


Tower Emblem (6): In the drainage trench below the bridge, aim carefully as the water will stop a bullet.



A nearby table holds an Empty Bottle for you to grab. Head back to the other side of the bridge and approach the large memorial in the middle of the room, interact with it to read "A Eulogy For My Brethren." Once you read the message, break the crate nearby. Shine Moira's flashlight on the back of the large memorial for a hidden Ruby (250 BP). After that, walk through the lit door at the back of the room, turning left when you do to find Gunpowder on a table and the "Release Our Sworn Comrades" note. This is actually a puzzle that unlocks the barred door next to the note.


Kafka Drawing (6): Check the wall to the left of the note to find the drawing.


To the first, you were always foolish so you will have no grave.
Look for a grave missing an obelisk, the grave looks like a flat square with a star on it


To the second, you shall bear your visage on your back.
Look for the only grave in the area with a star on the rear side of the obelisk.


To the third, you shall neighbour the fourth by three, but one row behind.
Find the fourth grave in the note (the one below), and count across three, then move back one row to find it.


To the fourth, you shall lose your head.
Look for a grave that is missing the top part of it's obelisk (showing metal bars coming out of the concrete).


If you need more help with the solution, watch the video from the 1:37:40 mark to see the solution. When you solve it, the metal gate will raise, allowing you inside. Look on the floor of the room for an MP-AF (submachine gun). A cabinet against the right wall holds a Parts Box - Lv.1 Easy Hit and there is a hidden Topaz (100 BP) on the floor. When you're ready, follow the red lit path outside the room to arrive in a tall square room with a set of stairs rising up several levels. To your right on a shelf is an Empty Bottle to pick up before you ascend. Work your way up the stairs and open the metal door at the top.



You'll emerge into a huge circular room with plenty of yellow containers scattered around the room. Ascend the stairs to your right when you enter and go through the wooden door at the top (wow, a wooden door, that's a rarity in this game). You'll enter a rather lavish office with a body hanging from a noose in the middle. Against one wall you'll find a Red Herb. Examine one of the paintings on the back wall closely to see an Emerald (1000 BP) embedded in it. Shoot it to make it drop to the floor for you to pick up. Examine the book on the bookshelf to read "Stuart's Valediction."


Leave the office and scour the circular area below for crates to smash before climbing up the stairs to the upper level at the back of the area. Claire and Moira will talk for a bit, while they do, look for an alcove on the upper level with a crate and a Green Herb. Keep following the outer walkway round the outside (round the outside - Eminem) until you find a blue metal door. Open it up to finally find a workbench (been lugging four parts boxes around for a while).


Now that's out of the way, we can take the time to explore the room. Ignore the folder on the bench until you are ready to advance the story. Instead, pick up the Green Herb from the corner, Machine Pistol Ammo (30) on the central desk. Read the note on the desk "A Letter To My Compatriots." Check under the desk near the door for a hidden Ruby (250 BP). Open the drawer of one of the central desks for Machine Pistol Ammo (30). When you're ready to move on, examine the folder on the central desk to trigger a scene.



Leave the workbench room to see a metal container being lowered on the massive central pillar. Drop down off the walkway and get close to it to trigger a scene and this section's boss fight. Anyone else getting Tyrant and Nemesis flashbacks here? Neil will turn into a giant hulking beast and magically shrink after the scene ends (seriously, he was at least twice their height in the scene). During the beginning phase of the fight, Mutant Neil will only have a few basic attacks. He will try to close on you, trying to slam you into the ground when he gets close or swinging wildly at you.


Your main method of damaging Mutant Neil during this fight involve fire or light. Flame bottles, luring him into damaging the yellow containers spread around the area (full of flammable gas), or (strangely) hitting him with the flashlight are all valid methods of damaging the boss. Dealing enough damage to him with any of these methods will result in his skin turning red and Mutant Neil screaming out "I'm burning up!" When he does, a glowing growth will emerge from his chest. This is his weak point and this is your opportunity to deal damage to it. Use your most damaging weapons (Shotgun, Machine Pistol or Magnum) to pour on the damage while it is exposed. After a few seconds, Mutant Neil will flee towards the cooling pipes on the lower level, breaking them to douse himself in water and cool off (making the growth recede).


After dealing a certain amount of damage, the second phase will trigger and Neil will mutate further, his arm turning into a writhing mass of tendrils. This adds a few new attacks to his repitoire. He can now leap like the incredible Hulk (dropping tendrils for a second to warn you before he lands), this does nasty damage but is relatively easy to avoid provided you keep moving. The attack that causes the most headaches is his tendril whip. This can strike in two ways, he can whip it into the player to deal normal damage, or he can fling it forward in front of him a fair distance to grab the player and fling them across the room. This disorients you and deals a fair whack of damage each time. He will also begin to drop tendril traps around the area as he moves (masses of tendrils that will hold and damage you if you walk into them). You can destroy them with the flashlight or bullets to obtain ammo if you need it.



Eventually after dealing enough damage to the boss's weak point, he will stay red and constantly charge the player character. This is the point where you have to unload your weaponry on him. Don't bother with the shotgun here as he will close on you and attack too fast for you to make good use of it. Instead, run away enough to create some distance before turning and firing your weapons or bottles at him. Aim for his chest to expose the weak point again. After a few more bullets he should finally fall and the battle will end.


Once the fight is over, you can take the time to pick up any ammo dropped by the tendrils before heading for the metal container that Neil arrived in. Walk inside and press the button on the wall to begin moving upwards. When the elevator stops, press the button again to open the doors and trigger another scene. Work through the button prompts during the scene and fire the shot to finish off this section of the episode. Wow, this one seemed a lot longer than it really was.


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