Episode 3 - Judgment (Part 2)

EPISODE 3 - Judgment (Part 2)




Mission Medal List:


  • Gold: Defeated 3 Revenant by only hitting their weak spots
  • Gold: Cleared the episode without destroying any of the Dhurlga tentacles
  • Silver: Hit enemies with Natalia's brick 15 times
  • Silver: Defeated 3 enemies with a follow-up attack
  • Silver: Defeated 10 enemies with sub-weapons
  • Silver: Defeated 4 enemies using the stealth attack
  • Bronze: Defeated 10 enemies with the knife
  • Bronze: Opened 3 gimmick boxes
  • Bronze: Found 5 hidden items with Natalia
  • Bronze: Cleared the sewage treatment plant with Natalia taking no damage


Collectible Count:


Tower Emblems: 5/11
Insect Larvae: 6


As the section begins, Barry will be giving Natalia a piggy-back ride due to her injured leg. Your starting position will be beneath the tower at the end of the sewers where Claire and Moira climbed out in their section. Tromp down the stairs, turning around at the bottom to check the corner behind you for a Sapphire (500 BP) (yes. Barry can apparently pick up objects with the power of his mind). Resume your walk in the other direction. After rounding the first corner, look for a glowing white rectangle on the side of one of the brick squares at the base of the large pipes to find the Sewers Map. Now that you have the map, check the South-West corner of this room for a Topaz (100 BP) before climbing the stairs nearby.



At the top of the stairs, you'll find Cloth on a nearby wooden box. Walk straight ahead (ignoring the descending path) to find an Odorous Chemical sitting on the ground in a small alcove. Around this point, Natalia will recover and clamber down off Barry's back. Take the path leading downwards until you reach the large room with pillars in it. In the South-East corner is another Topaz (100 BP) to retrieve. Head for the other end of the room and ascend the stairs there to move on. In the corridor connecting the pillar room and the next, look behind the metal sheet leaning against the wall for a hidden Topaz (100 BP).


The next room holds the gate that Claire and Moira lowered earlier. The switch is destroyed, so you can't open it. Instead you'll have to work your way around and climb over it using the stairs and ladder.


Insect Larvae (1): To the East of the South side of the gate underneath some steel scaffolding. Throw a brick up from below to destroy it. You can find a brick at the end of the walkway on top of the gate.


Check the rubble in the South-West corner of the room to find a hidden Empty Bottle before climbing the stairs leading to the top of the gate. From this vantage point, Natalia should be able to see two rottens below that will trigger when you descend the ladder. If your knife damage is powered up, Barry can rush them with the knife, slashing away to bring them down fast without wasting ammo. Natalia can also throw a brick down onto the rotten as well.



Once the rotten are no more, descend the ladder and climb up the stairs. Check the bottom of the drums at the top for a hidden Topaz (100 BP). You'll see a group of three enemies (rotten) around the corner at the end of the corridor. They will trigger automatically when you get close, making normal stealth attack impossible. You can however use a smokescreen bottle, and stealth kill them that way. Or just deal with them in the normal way. After the mass stabbings/ bullet spray, open the door they were guarding to reach the next area of the sewers. Yay (sarcasm).


Look at the ground next to the red drum right next to the door for a hidden Topaz (100 BP). You'll see a large number of enemies (rotten) in the tunnel area ahead, along with smaller dots (whip spiders). The whip spiders have a large detection range and will come at you straight away once you trip the first one. It's a sound tactic to deal with all the spiders first before moving forwards into range of the rotten enemies. A single well aimed slash should take care of each spider. There are a lot of them though, so be prepared to kill a few.


The first group of rotten lying on the ground don't trigger, so just pick off the one walking around over them. Four of the rotten in the second group will trigger, as well as the one already walking. One will also drop down from the alcoves above to the East. Finish them all (use a firebomb or just shoot them). Now that the immediate area is clear, check the corner directly South of the stairs you came down to find a hidden Sapphire (500 BP). Move South down the small side tunnel to see a Green Herb and gimmick box for Natalia in an alcove with an Assault Rifle Ammo Case inside. Thanks to Claire and Moira raising the gate, you gain access to this and also an achievement after opening the gimmick box.


Tower Emblem (1): In the alcove sitting on a wooden box. Barry can enter the alcove as well, so it is easily broken.



Return to the main area with the piles of rotten bodies and look for the crate you dropped down as Claire and Moira earlier. It should be next to one of the metal walkway ledges. Carry it over to the area underneath the Alcove in the wall on the West side. Climb up to find a couple of crates to shatter and a Parts Box - Lv.3 Firing Rate sitting there.


Tower Emblem (2): Look behind the wooden boxes in the alcove to see it peeking out.


Drop down out of the alcove and head to the far South of this long straight for another crate to demolish. Start making your way along the tunnel to the West, taking down the rotten that gets up and a few more spiders.


Insect Larvae (2): Inside one of the pipes on the wall above, throw a brick inside to hit it.


Continue west to the end of this part of the tunnel to find the AK-7 (assault rifle). This is also courtesy of Claire and Moira raising the metal gate earlier. After that, take the tunnel North and turn East at the intersection. In the rubble on the lowest level is a hidden Topaz (100 BP) as well as a nearby crate. Leave the dead end and travel in the opposite direction. Climb up onto the metal catwalk and check the ground at the base of the crumpled metal drum to find a hidden Ruby (250 BP). Before rounding the corner, swap to Natalia and look around to spot a glasp nearby.



Position yourself and make sure you are ready to deal with it before triggering the glasp. Once you've succeeded in bringing it down, walk past the stairs and look at the East wall as you go to find an Odorous Chemical with a hidden Ruby (250 BP) on the ground beside it.


Backtrack to the stairs you passed and follow the concrete walkway, checking the small area at the end for an Smoke Powder. Go through the nearby green door to access the area the old man inhabited in Claire and Moira's section. Getting close to the bed will trigger a quick scene. After that, you can loot the place. Pick up the Empty Bottle off the table, as well as the Gunpowder on the table next to it. Pick up the two containers of Alcohol on the shelf and read the "Old Man's Journal" if you wish. Examine the old man's body as Natalia to spot the hidden Ruby (250 BP) he's holding. Grab the Sewer Passage Key off the wall as well.


Use the workbench to deposit your parts box and adjust your weaponry (compare your assault rifles and pick which one you want to take). Once you have everything and are all stocked up, leave the room and unlock the red metal door to pass through. Open the roller door at the end of the passage to enter a room with stairs leading downwards. Follow them down to find yourself at the end of a massive area with walkways and large sluice gates leading away into the distance.



Follow the walkway around to a ladder and descend it to reach the dry waterway below. The rotten on the ground here won't trigger, so just ignore them.


Insect Larvae (3): At sluice gate 4, look through the metal bars opposite for larvae. Throw a brick through the bars to hit it.


From this point on, Barry and Natalia will be split up, so you will need to swap between them to help each out in turn. Try and keep them as close together as you can as there are situations where close proximity is extremely helpful. As Natalia, crawl through the small hole to the left of the sluice gate. Climb up the ladder on the other side. At the top, ignore the rotten on the ground and jump across the gap in the walkway. Turn right when you land and walk across the top of sluice gate 4. On the other side look on the wall to the right to see the Sewage Treatment Plant Map stuck to the wall. Opposite this is the valve that raises sluice gate 4, turn it to clear the path for Barry.


Move Barry up the waterway, passing by the rotten body on the ground (it doesn't trigger). Pick up the Rifle Ammo (5) on the rock ahead and move up until you are relatively close to the gate. You should be able to climb up a small slope of rubble into a pipe to find an Odorous Chemical, pick it up and return to your position near the gate. Take control of Natalia and move her along the North walkway, where you'll find the valve for sluice gate 3 (don't turn it yet). When Barry is close enough to see the top of the sluice gate and provide covering fire, move Natalia past the valve and approach the nearby rotten next to the explosive container. When it starts to rise, swap back to Barry and pick it off with your handgun. After it is no more, swap back to Natalia and push the explosive container down to the waterway below (for Barry to use shortly).


After you push down the container, backtrack to the valve we passed before and turn it to open sluice gate 3 for Barry. When the gate is open, move Barry close enough to start triggering the group of rotten just past the gate into moving. When they do, quickly back up and shoot the explosive canister to flambe most of them in one go. Other rotten who survive the initial explosion will likely walk through the flames trying to get to you, killing themselves in the process. After all that, if there are any left coming at you, put them out of their misery.



Swap back to Natalia and cross the bridge behind the sluice gate. Head South along the walkway and take the first turn to the West to find a Green Herb (you can push down the explosive container if you wish, but there shouldn't be any enemies left for it to hit). Follow this short bit of the walkway to the nearby dead end and look at the ground there for a hidden Ruby (250 BP). Backtrack to the path split and when you reach the barricade, swap back to Barry.


As Barry, move towards the circular platform ahead at the base of the pillar. You'll find some Gunpowder and Smoke Powder at the base of the pillar as well as a couple of crates nearby. Move Barry into position next to sluice gate 2, shoot the barricade on the walkway above and change back to Natalia. Now the barricade is out of the way, move further along the walkway, dropping down a small ledge before you reach the next valve. Push down the explosive container on top of the sluice gate if you wish (the orthrus behind the gate are hard to catch in the explosion but it can be done). Backtrack to the valve and turn it to open the path for Barry (the rotten next to the valve doesn't trigger).


Change back to Barry and move forward. You'll likely alert the three orthrus running around nearby, so backtrack quickly to detonate the explosive canister or just use your knife or handgun to bring them down.


Tower Emblem (3): Look up on the wall to the South just behind the sluice gate to see the emblem stuck to it. Shoot it down.


Move Barry just past the sluice gate so you can see the top of the bridge above just ahead and shoot the barricade on it. Move under the bridge to see two rotten patroling ahead (one on the bridge above, the other in the waterway below). Pick them off with a couple of headshots. Swap to Natalia and move her up to the bridge where you just shot the barricade. Descend the stairs past the two rotten bodies to find an Empty Bottle. Ascend the stairs and be prepared to change to Barry. When you approach the gimmick box ahead, one of the rotten behind you on the bridge will react.



Change back to Barry and quickly put a bullet in the rotten's head. Once it is down, take control of Natalia again and open the gimmick box for a Rare Parts Box - Lv.4 Damage inside. Now that the immediate rotten threats are out of the way. Cross the bridge again and head West until you see an explosive container on the path ahead. Move back to a safe distance before changing to Barry. As Barry, move along the waterway.


You should see a fire extinguisher amongst the rubble on the floor. Do not shoot it yet. These are invaluable for detecting glasps as they reveal them if they fly into the mist the extinguisher generates when shot. Three rotten are just beyond, when they are alerted move in to take them down. Another rotten will drop down from the walkway above (if you alerted it, which you should). Stab or shoot him to clear the local area below (sometimes you can get lucky and land a stealth kill on this guy). Move Barry up until you can see the explosive container next to Natalia. Shoot it to kill the stationary rotten on the level above, clearing Natalia's path.


Switch back to Natalia and check the room the rotten was guarding for Gunpowder and hidden Handgun Ammo (5). Keep walking along the walkway until you spot another rotten with an explosive container next to it. Take control of Barry and move along the trench, checking the alcove to the left for a crate and Alcohol. Jump over the barrier on the other side to trigger a rotten on the other side. You should have plently of time to slash him to death as he slowly rises. Jump back over the barrier and look at the bridge overhead to see the explosive container on it. Fire a shot to wipe out the rotten blocking Natalia's path.



Change back to Natalia and cross the now rotten-free bridge. Climb up onto the pipe to reach the other side of the walkway. When you drop down on the other side, look for a hidden glimmer down in the trench (the debris in the middle of it) for a hidden Topaz (100 BP) and another ahead on the walkway for a hidden Topaz (100 BP). From this position, you should be able to see a glasp in the trench below. Use this vantage point to determine where it is when Barry engages it.


Swap to Barry and deliberately trigger the glasp (you will need to swap rapidly back and forth between Natalia and Barry here to see when it starts chasing you). When it does, retreat to the barrier and use a combination of Natalia's vision and/ or the fire extinguisher in front of the barrier to locate it and put it down. Now that the glasp is out of the way, take control of Natalia and head into the alcove on the side of the walkway, descending the ladder to reach a side passage below. Follow the pipes to the end, ignoring the rotten body with it's head poking through a hole in the wall. Check the end of the side passage for hidden Assault Rifle Ammo (8). Emerge from the side passage and move up to the barricade blocking the path.


Change back to Barry and move him forward once again. Past the barrier there should be a couple of crates to the left to break. Keep trudging along the waterway until you can see the barricade blocking Natalia's path. When you do, blast it out of the way and smash the nearby crate. Now that the barricade is gone, look to the bridge above to see a rotten getting up to attack. Pick him off to keep Natalia safe before taking control of her again. Turn the valve to open sluice gate 1 and the path for Barry.



Climb up the ledge next to the valve when you're done and cross the bridge next to the sluice gate. Cross over the mix of pipes and walkway on the other side to reach an explosive container you can push down to the center of the area below. Swap back to Barry and move through the open sluice gate. Get close enough to trigger the rotten on the ground beyond before backing up and detonating the explosive container when they are in range.


If you move further forward, two glasps will show up next to the metal grille blocking the tunnel ahead. Back up and use Natalia's vision and the fire extinguishers scattered around to extinguish them. This can be pretty dangerous if both are approaching from different directions. If you feel cornered, retreat all the way back to the barrier you used earlier to kill the first glasp. This will force them to move through the narrow gap to reach you, giving you a smaller area to fire at.


Once the glasps are gone, move Barry back up to the tunnel mouth blocked by the metal grille, breaking the crate and take control of Natalia. Move along to the far West end of the walkway to find a ladder that will finally take you back down to the waterway level. At the bottom of the ladder, check the corner for hidden Handgun Ammo (5). When you're ready, crawl through the hole next to you. As you get close to the valve on the other side, both rotten will trigger. Either use the two bricks in the small area or swap to Barry and shoot the rotten through the grille. Once they are dead, check the corner for hidden Assault Rifle Ammo (8),  before turning the valve to raise the grille for Barry.



Be vigilant when the grille is fully raised as another glasp will appear in the waterway below when it does. This time, you should easily be able to use Natalia's vision to line up the glasp to blast it away. Once it is gone take control of Natalia and enter the previous area of the waterway where the glasp was. In the middle of the area is a gimmick box you can open to get the long awaited Expansion Bag (Barry) inside.


That's everything for the sluice gate area, head West and enter the metal doors there. This will take you to a room full of metal walkways. Despite the map, it is pretty linear until you reach a gap in the walkway you have to jump across. When you do, turn left for a crate to obliterate and then look to the North to see a choice of two ladders leading up. If you're in control of Natalia, you should se a glasp next to the ladder to the East. Use the linear walkways to your advantage to gauge the positon of the glasp and conserve ammunition.


Once the glasp is dead cross back across the gap in the walkway and take the ladder to the East first. This one leads up to a gimmick box for Natalia with a Rifle Ammo Case inside to pick up. Now head back down the ladder and take the one on the West side.


Insect Larvae (4): Amongst the rubble near the door leading out. Throw a brick up from the lower area and climb up to smash it.


Open the roller door leading out of these infernal sewers. There's nothing to find or fight along the linear path, so just follow it until you reach a metal gate with a padlock on it. Slash it open with Barry's knife to find yourself on an outlook overlooking a large mining site.



Follow the dirt path along the cliff until you reach a set of rails leading out across a broken bridge. Walk along the bridge to find a platform with a ladder leading down near the end.


Tower Emblem (4): As you descend the ladder, you'll see the emblem on a metal shipping container below.


Keep descending ladders until you arrive at ground level once more. Before jumping through the window of the brick building next to you, search behind the concrete pillars nearby for hidden Handgun Ammo (5). Climb through the window of the building and start looting the place. There's a Quarry map on the desk in front of you, with Gunpowder in the drawer (cause that's a good place to store gunpowder). There's a crate to break open next to the nearby lockers. Open the drawer of the desk in the South-East corner for Handgun Ammo (15). Look in the fallen locker next to the door for a hidden Topaz (100 BP).  Open the lockers against the back wall for some Smoke Powder. Finally, examine the monitors on the table in the center for a clue/warning relating to things ahead.


When you're ready to move on, check Natalia's vision to see a revenant patrolling outside the building. It circles a container quite slowly, so it a very easy target for a stealth kill. Just pick your moment to sneak up, drop down the ledge and off the revenant. Once the revenant is out of the way, ignore the building and the ladder leading up to the metal walkway above it.  Instead, check out the small area North of the building for a crate to destroy before ascending the ladder on the North side of the area.


On the next level up, check the North-East corner for Alcohol before taking the next ladder upwards. This will take you to a ledge with an elevator. Which is currently missing it's power source of course (when do electronics ever work to your benefit in Resident Evil games?). So, we'll need to find a power source for the lift. Look at the ledge next to the elevator to spot a Green Herb and climb up the ladder next to it to find a crate on the wire platform above. When you're ready to move forward, take the walkway next to the elevator controls (to the West).



Drop down to the level below at the end of the metal walkway. Look at the ground beneath the rusted stairs next to you for hidden Handgun Ammo (5). Ignore the gate to the East for now, as it requires a power source. Check next to the buckled steel plate beside the broken ladder to the South to find a hidden Topaz (100 BP). Drop down the nearby ledge to the lowest area of the quarry. In the lower area, circle around the South side of the warehouse to the West for an Empty Bottle.


Insect Larvae (5): On the other side of the chain link fence to the South of the warehouse is the larvae, you need to carefully arc a brick over the fence to hit it.


As you move along the face of the warehouse, you'll likely spot a long tendril extending from it that drags a body inside. This is your second hint/warning about what's coming up. Circle around the warehouse to the North this time, to find a smaller building with a workbench inside. Check the base of the wooden boxes just outside the door for a hidden Topaz (100 BP). Enter the workbench shack to deposit your parts box at the workbench. For the sequence later, you are likely going to want to equip lv.4 damage to your assault rifle or magnum, depending on which has more ammo (taking into account the damage difference per shot).


You can read "Irina's Last Words" on the desk nearby, then open the lockers next to it for Alcohol. Jump out the back window of the shack to find a barrel to disintegrate. Circle around the back of the other shack next to this one to find a Green Herb. Now we've looted the shack, leave it. Examine the base of the bushes next to the shipping crate in front of you to find a hidden Ruby (250 BP). Enter the second shack to find a crate to hammer and the control panel for the conveyor belts scattered around the quarry. Well, that should be useful. Now it's time to enter the ominous warehouse.



Note: If you want to make the fight in the warehouse easier, bring along a couple of firebomb bottles. If you are going for the second gold medal however, you cannot use the firebomb bottles, so bring as much handgun ammo (with lv.4 damage part equipped) as you can (magnum and assault rifle ammo pierce, making it likely you will void the medal).


Enter the warehouse door and break the crate in front of you. Drop down to the area below and smash the crate there as well. Look through the bars on the side of the room for a hidden Topaz (100 BP). Pick up the Cloth off the pile of rubble next to the stairs. In the corner up the stairs, you'll finally find the power source you need. Grab it and place it on the conveyor belt next to it to send it outside. Well, that's it is it? Nope, we've got this section's first boss fight incoming. Hope you've got everything prepped and good to go. Choose the appropriate weapon based on if you are going for the gold medal or not (lv.4 damage handgun if you are, lv.4 damage magnum or assault rifle and firebombs if you aren't).


As you start walking back to the door on the other side of the warehouse, a dhurlga will smash through the wall and attack. These dangerous enemies are covered with tentacles, giving cover to it's weak point and dealing significant damage if it hits you with them. The easy way to deal with that problem is to lob a firebomb at it. This will destroy all the smaller tentacles blocking your aim and deal some damage to the enemy. If you do this, the dhurlga will only be able to block shots with it's main tentacle. Doing this will also void the gold medal for not destroying any dhurlga tentacles though.



If you are going for the medal, you'll need to fire very accurately at the weak point, avoiding the flailing tentacles. Destroying a single one will void the medal. Use the central pile of rubble to block the dhurlga's progress, allowing you to circle around firing at it constantly. The dhurlga will try and block your shots with it's main tentacle by holding it out in front and making it bigger. When it does this, flank the dhurlga to get better shots at it's weak point. As it takes damage, it will gain the ability to leap around, making it faster and more dangerous. Keep circling and watch it carefully while you fire upon it. It will also start using it's main tentacle to whip in a line in front of it for nasty damage.


Eventually after enough bullets, the dhurlga will flee by smashing through the window. This gives you a way out of the warehouse. Climb up the wooden boxes and out the broken window to get outside once more. You'll see two new revenants have started walking around in the area above. Use your rifle to pick off their weak points from safety (swapping to the handgun if they get too close). You can get closer if you want, but they may deal damage to you if things go wrong. After the revenants are taken care of, drop off the window ledge and retrieve the power source from the base of the conveyor belt next to you.


Now, you'll have to lug the power source to each tall ledge/ shipping container in the area so you can climb up. Doing so on both of the shipping containers in the lower area results in Assault Rifle Ammo (24) and an Emerald (1000 BP). Place the power source on the conveyor belt in the North of the area to get it up to the next area. In the next area up with the gate blocking the way, the shipping container in the middle yields a crate to demolish. The ledge to the South leads to another ledge with a gimmick box on it with a Rare Parts Box - Lv.1 Quick Load M (quick load magnum) inside.



The last ledge in this area is to the North and it's the most interesting. Place the power source at the base of the broken ladder and climb up to the metal walkway. Break the crate in front of you and climb the next ladder to find a box of Rifle Ammo (5) on the platform above. From this position, look around to see a body hanging from a rope nearby with a gun strapped to it. Pull out your pistol or rifle and shoot the rope holding the body up to drop it to ledge just next to you (climb up one more level to find it). On the body, you can find the SVD (sniper rifle). Climb back down and compare the weapons at the workbench to decide which one to take.


Return to the gate area when you're ready. Now it's time to get through the gate. Place the power source on the panel beside the machine that powers the gate. Take control of Barry and move him over to the switch behind the fence to the North (make him stay in position/follow using - Y + D-pad down and up). Swap to Natalia and crawl through the hole in the fence to the South of the gate. Pick up the Empty Bottle in the corner and destroy the crate before pulling the gate switch at nearly the same time as Barry (both switches need to be flipped during the same second or so). When you get it right, the gate will open up, letting you through.


Once you are past the gate, move the power source over to the broken ladder on the side of the building to the East. Clamber up and destroy the crate in front of you. Sneak up to the nearby doorway to find a revenant circling the area below. If you time it right, you can descend the stairs and stealth kill it before you are spotted. Once the revenant is dead, break the crate on the ground floor and unlock the ground floor door. Head outside and collect the power source before bringing it back inside. Take it up the stairs and place it on the conveyor belt at the top. Look on the window sill nearby to spot an Empty Bottle.



Leave the building and climb the ladder outside to find your power source once more. Lug it up the nearby metal stairs to another conveyor belt that will take it up to the top level where the elevator is. Climb up the next ladder to the elevator level. Before doing anything else up here, use Natalia's vision to locate the revenant on top of the elevator. Swap to Barry and carefully aim a firebomb at it's position to kill it. If you can't do this, you will need to fight it normally when you use the elevator shortly.


Climb up the ladder to get the power source, drop it down and place it on the panel next to the elevator control panel. Flip the switch to bring the elevator down. Deal with the revenant if you havent already and step on, flipping the switch to rise upwards. The elevator will stop partway up, so climb up onto the ledge nearby and move along the broken metal walkway here. After a couple of jumps, you'll reach a more solid section with a crate to smash. Walk along to the other end and sneak up the stairs to find two revenants moving around the area above. Barry can use his rifle here to pick them both off quickly, or you can deal with them in the usual manner or with a firebomb.


Now that the upper area is clear for the moment, check the base of the grass to the left at the top of the stairs for a hidden Topaz (100 BP). The metal platform beside this holds a Ruby (250 BP) to grab as well. Move out onto the broken rail bridge to find a crate near the end.


Tower Emblem (5): Look at the far wall of the area directly across from you to spot the emblem. You may need to use your rifle to hit it.


Check the Eastern side of the upper area for another couple of crates and a "Note On Corpse Disposal." Check the ground between the two planks to the right of the note for Handgun Ammo (5).



Ready your weaponry for another dhurlga encounter (remember, it will have the same rules regarding the gold medal as before). To trigger it, you'll need to pick up the power source in the South East edge of the area and start taking it North towards the second lift control panel. As you get closer, the dhurlga will show up and attack. The only real difference in this fight is that as the battle progresses, a slinger and one or two revenants will appear from the North end of the area (as a result of the corpse disposal note) and attack. Make sure to keep an eye out during the battle to avoid being blindsided. Use firebombs to quickly deal with any revenants.


Once the dhurlga finally falls and the battle ends, take the power source over to the panel next to the controls to move the second lift out of the way. Pass under it.


Insect Larvae (6): On a metal ledge to your right after passing under the lift. Throw a brick up to hit it.


Follow the linear path beyond for a little way to trigger the end of this episode.


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