Introduction: Resident Evil + Saw + Lost?

INTRODUCTION: Resident Evil + Saw + Lost?



Resident Evil: Revelations 2 starts you off with little in the way of resources, introduces a few mechanics new to the series and only gives you the basics on how your movesets and equipment work before throwing you in the deep end. Gathered here are some tips for players new to the world of Resident Evil and returning veterans of earlier games alike that should help keep you alive and kicking against the infected enemies.


  • Item searching - One of the biggest things introduced in the game that is essential to keeping you stocked up is your backup character's (Moira and Natalia) ability of spotting hidden objects. These are revealed by looking at them while using Moira or Natalia to see a quick glimmer appear which shows their location on the screen. Once you see the glimmer, approach it and press LT (to focus the flashlight with Moira or point out the item with Natalia) to be able to pick it up. As a result of how useful this ability is, you should be controlling the secondary character often unless you are under attack, as a simple press of a button will swap characters instantly.


  • Get the Knife - Early in the first episode (part 1), you'll grab the knife which will allow you to perform melee attacks on enemies. The knife doesn't do great damage but can be swung fast and also CONSERVES AMMO, which is really important in some sections of the game when it decides to give you no supplies. The first part of Episode one is a great example of this. Whenever you have a lone weak enemy, you should be trying to bring it down with the knife/ melee. You can also combine this with the one stab stealth kill ability (spectacularly useful in Episode One part 2) where your partner gives you the ability to know enemy positions in advance.


  • Buddy system - Exploit your allies helpful abilities during combat to make life easier. Moira can shine her flashlight in most enemies eyes to temporarily disorient them (a la Alan Wake), providing you the opportunity to step up to them smartly and deliver a bop across the bonce. Followed by an energetic beatdown of course. Moira can also use a crowbar herself to add some extra damage to the fight. With some skill upgrades (obtained by spending BP after completing an episode section), you can enhance her abilities to include follow up attacks and extra BP gains during battle.



  • Clever girl - Natalia on the other hand can help Barry in combat by sensing undead through walls. Yup, they're coming out of the walls. Ok, enough Alien references. This allows Barry to go all Ezio/ Solid Snake and use stealth to sneak up behind unsuspecting enemies and slit them from ear to ear. Natalia can also just bash in enemies brains with a brick (thrown or melee), which can be an effective way to finish a battle. Like Moira, Natalia can be upgraded using BP to make her abilities more effective and allow her to gain team up skills with Barry.


  • Pure alchemy - A returning feature is the ability to combine certain items/ materials into more useful pieces of kit. These can start out basic like mashing together a red herb with a green herb to create three green herbs. The game will tell you about a couple of combinations, but you may want to examine the variations available on the combing screen to make the most of your supplies.


  • Environmental hazards - Remember that while a stream of flame will hurt you, it will also hurt any enemies caught in it. Those swirling blades of death? Yeah, they hurt enemies too. Use the environmental hazards present in the area to your advantage to deal large chunks of damage or even instant kill enemies and conserve ammunition. Plus it's so much more stylish (and can improve your overall rating in some missions, giving you a higher BP point multiplier).


Well, that's just a few of the tips and tricks for staying in one piece in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Read on in Episode One (Part 1) to find out more in depth survival skills and a detailed walkthrough. Time to join in the party at Terra Save, Claire Redfield's new employer and the starting point of our story.



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