Act VI: Pax Romana


Collectibles in this level: 12


Objective: Get up to the ramparts


Objective: Join up with your troops


Grab pila from the rack then drop down to the lower level. After the rousing speech is over you will have the choice of targeting their siege weapons or the siege towers. Target the one you don't like dealing with the most and prepare for battle. Siege ladders will start propping up against the wall so on the right side so kick them down if you are quick enough. Regular barbarians will arrive from the ladders and if you selected the siege weapon option after a minute or two the siege towers will arrive with even more enemies on it. Use your archer orders when you can and deal with any enemies from the ladders before the siege tower arrives. The archer orders prove very effective against infantry so while you whack away at the siege tower supports (blue beams) call on their aid until the tower falls. If you are fast enough you should only need to deal with a pair of enemies from the tower. You then have to repeat the same process two more times with increasingly difficult enemies to deal with. In between each wave will be a checkpoint.




Objective: Get to the canal


Head for the marker and a legionnaire will inform you that there is another way through. Behind him and to the left is a [Scroll 16/27].




Head down the narrow path and against a wall near a fire is [Vista 14/21]. Through an open doorway on the left side is a [Chronicle 25/42]. Jump the fence to enter a square.




A dual blade and shield bearer are looting the corpses of your fellow Romans. Try to deal with the dual blade as he has added the heavy attack to his repertoire. Climb up the ladder to the roof above when you're done.





Objective: Take out the barbarian archers


Follow the walkway to the left and in a small alcove is [Scroll 17/27]. Drop down and engage the four archers (there are pila all around the area if you want to use them). Follow the marker again and jump over the barrier.




Objective: Support the barge along the river


A large barbarian, dual blade and regular barbarian are waiting in the street ahead. You can use the pila on the dual blade to make this fight a lot easier or just try to take on all of them at once. Two archers will be over the next barrier with their backs to you. This is a good opportunity to switch to the health regeneration execution if you need to. Climb up the dock to continue.




Head through the burning building, push the cart and clamber to the upper floor. Jump down to exit the inferno. You can actually head back inside to find [Scroll 18/27].




Race over to the docks and into the small doorway. To the right in the small house is a [Chronicle 26/42]. Back outside climb up the ladder and teach the two archers a lesson. Drop down into the market square.




As you drop down you will be accosted by two dual blades. Block all three hits and then retaliate, simple but annoying. After the second one falls a shield bearer and two regular barbarians will arrive. Continue your beautiful dance until they have breathed their last.




Another street full of dead bodies and then a ramp to ascend.


Objective: Find a way to the courthouse


Objective: Lead your formation across the canal


When you reach the Roman squad take a left into the small alley to find [Chronicle 27/42]. Rejoin your troops and push across the bridge, impaling the enemy when you reach the other side. Climb up onto the wall and immediately turn right to find a path down to the lower docks. Pick up the [Scroll 19/27] from the body. Head back to the wall, drop down and grab the pila near the dye pits if you need them. On the far side of the area you will see a white cloth draped over boxes. You can climb up here to find [Chronicle 28/42].




Head right after the checkpoint to find [Chronicle 29/42]. Up the next ramp to the right is [Vista 15/21] to grab. Climb up another set of ledges to continue.




Objective: Retreat to the courthouse


Objective: Regroup with Vitallion


Before reaching the courthouse you will be attacked by a lone large barbarian. Dodge twice and slash twice until two more regular barbarians enter the fray. Due to the large barbarian's now weakened state you may want to finish him off first. After they all are on the ground another group of two shield bearers and a dual blade will join in. After those three are finally down two more regular barbarians join in the fun too. These are the last in this sequence so swap to the HP execution if you need to.





Objective: Follow Vitallion


Head up the stairs with Vitallion into the courthouse. A slow walking section follows.




When you finally exit the courthouse and Vitallion tells you what he wants to to do, turn left to find [Chronicle 30/42].


Objective: Get to the defense line


Funnily enough a mobile turret section will rear it's head here. Hop on the Scorpio and let loose on the oncoming horde. Red barrels can be exploded for multi-kills and there is really no reason to hold down aim as rapid firing serves far better.


Objective: Escape to the ship


Only two regular barbarians stand in your way. Put them down.




Objective: Hold off the barbarian horde


Fight off the barbarians for as long as you can. After enough fighting elapses a cut scene will take over.


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