Act VIII: Son Of Rome


Collectibles in this level: 12


Objective: Use the Scorpio to kill the invaders


A constant stream of enemies will swarm at your defensive line. Hold down LB when engaging them so your orders can be executed as quick as possible. Target any marked enemies as quickly as you can then go back to thinning the horde. War elephants, archers and large barbarians will all swarm the barricade (and need to be killed off before the regular barbarians) but with enough perseverance you will succeed in halting the horde, if only for a little while.




Objective: Gather reinforcements to support Vitallion


When you regain control (after you get the shield, enter the shaded area and jump over the small barrier to the left to find [Chronicle 37/42]. A large barbarian and two helmeted barbarians will waltz out in front of you. This fight may be a little more difficult than usual purely because of how dark the area is but they should be relatively easy to defeat. There is a kick-able door nearby and through it a [Scroll 24/27]. Jump over the debris and exit into the light.


Objective: Lead your men through the forum


Head down the ramp and run straight ahead over the fallen pillar to find [Scroll 25/27]. Head back the way you came to the ramp and take a right. Batter through the boards blocking your path to find [Chronicle 38/42]. Head past the reserve troops and take the first left. At the top of a small flight of stairs is another pillar you can jump over and a ladder to climb. At the top is a [Vista 20/21] to view. Drop down the ladder and head along the path, past the banner and under some broken timbers to the right. In this little nook you will find [Chronicle 39/42]. Take command of the reserve forces and activate the banner.




Objective: Defend your soldiers


You will have the opportunity here to make two choices. You can go for a single impenetrable defensive side or equally spread defense. If you put all the defense on the left side and you hop on the Scorpio this can be a very one sided battle. Remember to hold down LB to auto fire the archers to make things even easier. If you are a little slow getting to the Scorpio you will have to fight four helmeted enemies. Be aggressive and kill them off quickly to get back to the Scorpio.





Objective: Move up and help Vitallion


A string of automatically reinforced enemies will engage you here but it is another timed (or number of enemies killed) fight. Cross the requirement threshold and a cut scene will take over.




Objective: Head to the riverside


Before leaving the courtyard, move to the far left corner and through the fabric to find a hidden [Chronicle 40/42]. Head through the doorway and grab the [Scroll 26/27] on the left.





Objective: Kill the barbarians by the riverside


Two or three helmeted barbarians will be battling your soldiers at the riverside. Back attack them to take them out fast and two heavy charge shield bearers will reinforce the enemy side. Deal with them in the usual way of shield bash and attack to clear the area.


Objective: Use the Scorpio to shoot the oil pot onto the enemies


Climb to the upper area and jump on the Scorpio. One well placed bolt should have the barbarians alight.


Objective: Move up to the next area


Follow the marker and jump over the barrier nearby for a [Vista 21/21] on the left. When the soldier comes out of the alley and joins you, follow the path he entered from to find a [Chronicle 41/42]. Head back the way you came and take the other path to reach a new support position.




Objective: Kill all the enemies pinning the Romans down


Hold down LB and throw pila at as many archers as you can until the next objective appears.


Objective: Follow your soldiers




Objective: Kill Boudica's war elephant


Drop down and head right to find a locked gate. Kick it open to find some boards to smash. Knock them down tp find [Chronicle 42/42]. This section can be quite frustrating as you have to run between charging elephants. If one of them hits you you are instantly dead. Judge when to run and when to stand aside to let them pass and you will eventually reach the end of the flaming gauntlet and unseat Boudica.





Objective: Kill Boudica


Before racing off towards her, drop down and look around to the right for a [Scroll 27/27]. Then make your way through the gates of the palace.


Phase 1: the King's daughter is similar to the dual blades except for a jumping heavy attack as well as the usual four hit combo ending in the heavy attack. The four hit combo heavy ender is easy to deflect so use it as your main source of damage and dodge the jumping one as it is harder to time successfully (it is a very late block).


Phase 2: After falling over the wall Boudica will gain a stabbing heavy attack and her combo chain will be five hits now with the heavy on the end still. She also has her three hit combo still so be careful.





Objective: Avenge the death of your family


One long sequence of quick time events stands between you and Nero. Exact your bloody vengeance on him and the credits will roll.


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