Anomalous Readings

Objecive: Find the reading's source

As soon as you get back to the Simulation, a warden will attack you. Defeat it to learn a new power: Stomp. You'll be taken the training area where you can practice this new power.




Test your mettle in the Super Power Fight Club

Head to the Fight Club activity in Salander. You'll have to fight waves of enemies and defeat them using only your superpowers. The first wave are just normal thugs. Just use any attacks you see fit to defeat them. Freeze blast and stomp works wonders against them.



For the second wave, you have to compete against telekinesis-using burning men. You can't attack them up close unless you freeze them first. Be careful of the metal balls they can throw at you.


For the third wave, you'll have to defeat Nyteblade and another fast enemy. Fire Blast works well with them, especially if you have upgraded the duration and damage attributes of your Blast ability.



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