Arapice Island

Speed Rift (Easy)

This is part of the sidequest “Supreme Justice”


Bronze: 60,000

Silver: 120,000

Gold: 170,000



Prof. Genki's M.O.M (Medium)

Telekenesis, Genki Style

For this game, you have to pick up vehicles, people and genki heads and throw them to the colored rings in the air corresponding to the objects you picked up. Vehicles go to blue, Genki's head goes to pink while people go to green. Complete the task as fast as possible to get a higher rank.


It will take a few tries to get the gold and it will be challenging finding Prof. Genki's head to throw to the pink rings. You have to take note of their locations when you restart to ensure that you pick them up as soon as you can since people and vehicles are quite common in the target areas.

Bronze: 5:30

Silver: 4:00

Gold: 2:30



Blazin (Hard)

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