Security Deletion – Remove enemy code





Virus Collection 

Hijack viruses

Head to the designated location and wait for the marked vehicle to appear. Hijack it and drive it to the destination marked in your map.



Virus Injection

insert new code

This mission is simple; you just have to kill all the enemy waves thrown at you. This is better attempted when you have better and upgraded weapons and skills.




Telekinesis Mayhem (Easy)

This is part of the side quest “Kill and Let Die”

Just like other Mayhem activities, you need to deal as much damage as possible within the time limit but using alient metal balls. You can carry one ball at a time and run / jump while carrying it. Your TK meter won't be deplete so you can go crazy smashing things and people. The more upgrade your telekinesis skill, the more destructive you can be and the more score you can earn. It is preferred that you switch to Arc Lightning element of your TK skill when you unlocked it. 



Bronze: 150,000

Silver: 250,000

Gold: 450,000

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