Audio Logs


Brickston – Matt Miller 1

Ground level, in the parking lot in the side of Rim Jobs


Brickston – Matt Miller 2

Ground level, in front of a house numbered 1453


Salander – Matt Miller 3

On the roof of another warehouse prior to Kinzie's hideout. 


Fun Shaundi 1

On the top of the bridge connecting Brickston and Yearwood


Bridgeport -  Fun Shaundi  2

On the roof of Thunder Pump


Yearwood – Fun Shaundi 3

Ground level in front of the church


Yearwood – Maero 1

Ground level, on an abandoned train cart along the railway.


Yearwood – Maero 2

Ground level, in a back alley.


Yearwood – Maero 3

On top of the hotspot tower.


Burns Hill - Keith David 1

On the roof, same level as the broken reactor. 


Burns Hill - Keith David 2

On the Technically Legal building


Burns Hill - Keith David 3

Beside the fountain in the park


Arapice Island – Asha 1

In the stairs beside the bridge.


Arapice Island – Asha 2

On the roof of a building under the overpass


The Grove - Asha 3

Inside a train car



Tanya 1

In the rocky outcropping off shore, northwest of Henry Steel Mills


Henry Steel Mills – Tanya 2

On the roof of one of the warehouses.


Henry Steel Mills – Tanya 3

On a scaffolding midway of the building, southern side. 


Henry Steel Mills – Shaundi 1

In the eastern side of the old Syndicate Tower. You'll have to climb it midway. 


Loren Square – Shaundi 2

Inside the Thunder Pump station

Loren Square – Shaundi 3

Under the overpass



Loren Square – Ben King 1

In the back parking lot of a building east of the hotspot. 


Loren Square – Ben King 2

Found in the alley under the overpass.


Loren Square – Ben King 3

Found in the alley between two skyscrapers


Loren Square – Cyrus 1

On top of the small building in front of Planet Zin


Armory Island – Cyrus 2

In front of the armory warehouse 

Armory Island – Cyrus 3

On top of a large industrial exhaust pipe


Loren Square – Pierce 1

Inside the Broken Shillelagh


Sunset Park – Pierce 2

In the parking lot where you fought Veteran Child before. 


Sunset Park – Pierce 3

In a basketball court behind a building


Sunset Park – Kinzie 1

Behind some container vans behind the factory to the south.


Sunset Park – Kinzie 2

By the dock/waterfront, east of the Rim Jobs


Sunset Park – Kinzie 3

In the offshore monument island


Espina – Julius 1

At the back of the factory, by the river. 


Rosen Oaks – Julius 2

Beside a tree along the street.


Camano Place – Julius 3

Inside the broken roof of a building


Wesley Cutter Intl – Gat 1

On the crashed plane, north of the small island, to the north of the airfield.


Wesley Cutter Intl – Gat 2

In the boarding area, ground level. 


Wesley Cutter Intl – Gat 3

At the back of the parked truck in the eastern side of the airfield


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