Breaking the Law

Objective: Take over a store


One thing you'll notice after completing the last primary quest is that all the stores you previously own will now have a lock on their icons. After selecting this objective, head to Planet Zin in Yearwood. Get in front of the store then press Y to start hacking. This hacking exercise is very simple so just arrange the nodes in a straight line.



After successfully hacking the store, the alarm will trigger and cops will arrive. Take them out until the zin reinforcements arrive via access portals. Destroy these portals to prevent reinforcements from arriving then chase the golden orb as instructed by Kinzie. Once you get near it, press Y to destroy it and complete the objective.



You can now search for Zinyak's Text Adventures and Statues scattered across the city for bonus cache and experience.



Objective: Break on Through

Head to the rift in Salander. For this simulation, you have to jump from platform to platform. The closer you land in the center, the better the score. You have to turn the red platforms to blue and at least meet the Bronze quota requirement. (50,000 points)




Objective: That Burning Sensation

Head to The Broken Shillelagh to testing area. Here you'll be able to use Fire Blast. Use destroy all targets to complete this short tutorial objective. The quest will be complete as well.



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