Closer to 250

Stress relief (Disrupt the system)

Head to the Mech Suit Mayhem (Easy) activity in Loren Square. Get at least a bronze rank to complete this objective. 



Target Practice (Clear out Zin Troops)

Head to the marked flashpoint in Loren Square. Kill all enemies to clear the flashpoint and complete the objective.



Kill him again (Assassinate Julius)

Head to the marked area and wait for Julius Little to arrive. Take him out easily with your Singularity Gun or with any method you most enjoy with. 



Mass Murder (Initialize Virus Injection)

Proceed to the VI target area in Loren Square and defeat all enemy waves to complete the objective.


Joy Ride (Disrupt the System)

Head to the marked mayhem activity and finish it at least with a bronze rank to complete this objective. 


Meet Johnny on the ship

Talk to Johnny to receive your reward (Singularity Gun – Ammo Upgrade)

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