Emergency Situation

Something's wrong in Steelport

Just return to the simulation and listen to Matt's briefing to complete this objective.


Remove the clones from Steelport

Wait until CID marks one of the relay points. Head there and use your telekinesis to throw CID up in the air. After CID scans the area, head to the next location to find the relay and destroy it.


Head to the next location and throw CID to the air again to know the location of the next relay. Go there and destroy the two relays. CID will then lead you to the next relay point which is protected by shields. Go to the platform and throw CID to the generator above to disable the shields. Protect him briefly until he successfully removes the shield. Destroy the relays afterward.



Head to the next location and throw CID again to the shield generator. You may want to do it while on a rooftop to avoid getting annoyed and ganged up by the riot on the street. After a few moments, a Marauder will appear. Take it out by attacking the rear panel on its „head“. After destroying the marauder, defend CID until he successfully disables the shield generator. Destroy the relay afterward.



Head to the next location to find a large portal. Grab the marked people with your telekinesis and throw them to the portal. One clone will emerge from the portal. Weaken it with attacks until you can throw him back to the portal. Do so and a couple more clones will appear. Deal with them the same way and the portal will be destroyed after throwing the last clone in.



Head to the next location and take out the warden to gain a new ability. Buff will be unlocked. Kinzie will now load a training room to test our your new power. Buff will imbue your bullets with fire and will allow you to set anybody near you ablaze. With buff active, you can also disable a warden's shield using only your weapons.



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