Executive Orders

Objective:Assassinate the Rogue Program

There are several decoys and one real target. Unfortunately, all of them have powers so you have to be careful dealing with them. It is also worth noting that your notoriety will probably skyrocket quickly while combating these targets. Worse, you may get the attention of a warden if you continue causing havoc. Just run around and avoid their attacks. Use your blast to stop them in their tracks – both for offensive and defensive approaches. It will help getting the upgrade where the civilians drop health packs too. When the worse happens, just find some random people and kill them for their health packs.


Objective: Clear out Zin Troops

Next, head to the flashpoint in Henry Steel Mills. Clear it out then proceed to the next marker.


Objective: Break the Rules of Reality

Head over to Rosen Oaks to do the Fraud (Hard) activity. Bronze target is 600,000, silver is 1m and gold is 1.7m. After reaching at least the Bronze quota, the objective will be complete.


Objective: Shut Down the Hotspot

Next, head over to Loren Square to find a Hotspot. Like the others, you have to take out the generators first to bring the shield down. Then take out the remaining forces and disable the hotspot.


Objective: Carjack the Data

Head to the next location in Loren Square and find the alien aircraft on the top of a small building. Kill the guards if you want then steal the aircraft. After hijacking it, fly it to an island off shore and land it on the designated area to complete the objective.



Objective: Disrupt the System

Now head to Henry Steel Mills this time and do the UFO Mayhem activity. Like the other Mayhem activities, you just need to deal as much damage as possible within the time limit. Destroying the marked targets yield even higher scores. After reaching at least the Bronze quota, the objective will be complete. This will also unlock the UFO in your gateway garage and more UFO Mayhem activities in the city.



Objective: Meet Keith on the Ship

Head back over to Keith to receive your reward. (Unlimited Sprinting)


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