From Asha with Love

Rescue Asha

Head to the Broken Shillelagh to start this quest. Once inside the simulation, wait for Asha to open the door then shoot out the lights as instructed. Continue shooting the lights until you find a guard. Shoot the light first then take out the guard.



In then next corner, hold your position and Asha will tell you to go through the vent instead. Go through the air duct until you reach the other end. Shoot the light again and take out the guard. Continue forth and you'll find two guards and two lights. Again, shoot the lights first then take out the guards.



Continue forth until you enter a sequence where you need to disguise yourselves as boxes and kill the roving guards. Stay out of the guards' path and take them out when they're nearby to prevent your cover from being blown.



Continue forth until you find a complex laser grid blocking your path. Go through the nearby air duct and continue until you reach the end. Follow the path until you're greeted by the guards. Kill them all and proceed to the next area.



You'll have to deal with the Evil You in this room. For the first batch, just kill all his henchmen along with a handful of murderbots. You can stop the murderbots from firing its weapons by targeting its head only. This will also destroy it faster. Keep killing the henchmen until the Evil You makes an appearance.


Alternately shoot the Evil You and his henchmen. Stay away from his line of fire and take out his henchmen regularly to avoid being overrun and to replenish your health as well. From time to time, the generators beside Evil You will be activated and will become targets. Shoot them to generate electric charges that will damage the boss.


Later on you'll have to deal with multiple murderbots as well. Stay in cover and aim for their heads to keep yourself alive. The flow of henchmen will stop eventually and now you'll be able to concentrate your fire on him to finally kill him.



Ashas Odekar will become available as a crewmate and a homie.


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