Ghost in the Machine

Objective: Help the AI in the Simulation

Head to Old Crib Ruins marked in the map to start the quest. Next, head to the first hotspot you took down in Salander. Kill the guards then steal the Bounce Gun. After getting the weapon, pick any C.I.Ds near the hotspot terminal until you find one that doesn't blow up.



After getting the CID, head over to the marked rooftop, less than 400m from the hotspot. After reaching it, defend the CID while Kinzie cracks the machine. After successfully defending it for a set amount of time, you'll have to bring the CID to a power source. Follow the marker leading to the power plant in Burns Hill.



Clear the first set of alien guards there first. Head to the download terminal and start the download. While the AI is being downloaded, protect the area from zin troops. Continue doing this until Kinzie tells you to activate a nearby access point.



Clear the rooftops and activate the device. Kinzie will point out a second access point. Head over there and do the same process. Now head over back to CID and use your freeze blast to cool him down and prevent him from overheating.



The download will now be reduced to 3 mins. You just have to last that long until the download is successfully completed. Beware of the tenacious murderbots that will be sent to you. After destroying half of their bodies, they'll still be crawling their way to stop you.


After successfully defending CID, a warden will appear. Either fire or freeze blast will be enough to remove its shield. Remove its shield then pummel it with your conventional weapons until you get the prompt to absorb it.



Successfully defeating the warden will give you a new power: Telekinesis. You'll be transported to the training area to test your new power. After killing a few mascots, a glass orb housing some data clusters will appear. Use telekinesis to brek it open and get the data clusters inside. You can now do the same to any other data clusters in the city. Finally, defeat the warden using your power to complete this objective.



You'll unlock the CID as your new homie and you can call it as a backup through your HUB's phone option. The Bounce Rifle will also be yours and another gateway will become available.




Objective: Go to Training Program


A new activity will be unlocked in Salander so head there. It is Prof. Genki's Mind over Murder. For this game, you have to pick up vehicles, people and genki heads and throw them to the colored rings in the air corresponding to the objects you picked up. Vehicles go to blue, Genki's head goes to pink while people go to green. Complete the task as fast as possible to get a higher rank.



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