Hail to the Chief

Objective: The Saints Wing


Walk along the corridor and one of your people will ask you wether you want to cure cancer or feed the hungry. Continue walking and along the way, a "dick" will ask to be punched. Select whatever you want to do and proceed forth. Finally, a guy will invite you to a party. You have the choice to just walk away or go to the party. Whatever you choose, continue forth for a scene.



After the scene, break free then make your way to the Oval Office. Upon reaching it, you'll have access to a multitude of guns. Take all of them to add them to your current inventory. Once done, make your way back to the press conference room then clear the next hallway of enemies.



Proceed to the end of the hallway then take the stairs, only to see Matt and Asha abducted. Clear more enemies and proceed to the door. After a short cutscene, you'll have to take control of the massive gun battery. Use it to destroy all alien aircraft. After a short scene, the mission will be complete.



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