Collect parts for the key

Head to the marked location in Loren Square to start the mission. Drive to the Armory and search for the marked containers. Use your telekinesis to remove the covers of the containers. You'll probably find it in the container by the helipads.



Next, head to the nearby tower. Destroy the alien tech on the platforms then collect the memory modules. Head to the dock next and destroy alien tech again to collect gravity inhibitors.



After collecting the inhibitors follow Johnny as he lands the burning chopper. Zin troops and marauders are on him so clear the area to allow Shaundi to pick you up. The objective will be complete.




Finish the Key


Meet up with CID to start this quest. Head to the first general area and find the battery. Refer to the gauge on the upper left corner of your screen to know if you're near its location. It's located at ground level in the back alleys. Clear the area and pick the battery up.



Head to the next location and find the generator near the river's edge. There will be more guards and a shield generator active protecting the battery. Clear the area and disable the generator to bring down the shield. Pick up the battery and head to the next area.



The battery is located in the docks to the east. There will a couple of shield generators and a whole bunch of guards and reinforcements as well. The battery will blow unfortunately so you'll have to search for another one again. Head to the next location.



The last one is located beside the gothedral. It is heavily guarded and will have multiple shield generators. Some of the generators must be disabled by hand, some needs to be destroyed. Keep destroying the shield generators until you get the objective to steal the tank.



You have to drive the tank to Kinzie's warehouse within the time limit otherwise you'll explode. That's plenty of time so start driving and blow up the roadblocks. Ignore other enemies; just concentrate in taking out the obstacles. After reaching Kinzie's warehouse, park the tank to the objective marker to complete this quest.



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