Learn the Rules

Objective: The Fundamentals


You'll start unarmed so you'll have to hijack a vehicle and head over to Friendly Fire. Open your HUB by pressing the Back button then select Friendly Fire to set the GPS there. Drive to the gun shop and start shopping when you get there. You have 1000 credits so you can afford the heavy pistol, SMG, and pump action shotgun. You can also spend some of your credits to upgrade these weapons.



Once you're done shopping, the police will show up. Take them all out then take their car to head to Flashpoint. You'll find an alien defended position there. Kill all aliens then drive to Kinzie's hideout. Upon arriving you'll find the place empty. The mission will be complete afterward.




Objective: Time the Increase the Tempo


A side quest will become available so you may want to do that first to get more rewards. (Customization) You can also repeat activities to earn more experience and cash. Once you're ready, open your HUD and select this objective to start the mission.


The data clusters Kinzie is talking about will be marked in your map. Head to the general area indicatged in the map and refer to the proximity meter to know whether you're near the cluster or not. Just touch the data cluster to assimilate it.




After getting the third data cluster, Kinzie will point you to the last data cluster which is located in front of your destroyed apartment. Obtain the data cluster and the Powers menu in your hub will be enabled. You can now purchase two passive superhuman abilities: Super Sprint and Super Jump.



After purchasing the two powers, Kenzie will load up a training program for you. Test your newly activated  powers to get used to it. After reaching the last building, you'll be back to the city.



Here you need to go through a race subroutine. This is a time-attack race where you need to avoid the firewalls and gather super speed orbs. Complete the course as fast as you can to complete the mission. Other instances of Blazin will be available in the city as well.



In addition to the rewards, you'll also unlock a new Side Quest by completing this objective. (Simulated Instruction)




Objective: Learn to Damage the Alien Presence


Head to the marked location in Salander and take out the alien troops protecting the generators. Once cleared, approach the generator then press and hold Y to disable them.



After disabling the two generators, the shield of protecting the hub will be gone. Clear the guards and disable the hotspot. A Warden will appear so you have to defeat it. Forget about attacking it up close; just stay at a distance and keep shooting at it. If it starts to charge, simply use your super sprint to get out of the way. Keep doing this until you successfully weaken it. Once you get the prompt, get in range and press RT to assimilate it.


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