Loyalty – Girls Night Out

Help the Shaundis with their issues


Go to the Thunder Pump in Bridgeport. After getting the briefing, head to the marked location with the Shaundis. Kill the druggies and the dealer who'll be hiding in the alley nearby. After taking them out, drive to the next location. Once there, do the same thing; kill all the druggies and take out the dealer. Pick up the narcotics and wait until it takes effect. 


Once you're tripping, follow the Shaundis. They'll end up fighting for a moment in the rooftop near Veteran Child's concert area. Once the two Shaundis get their fill of competition, head to where DJVC is and take out his furry fans. Clearing it out will send more copies of him. For some reason your powers will be limitless during this sequence so spam your blast skills until you take out all DJVC clones. Finally, attempt to land the final blow on Veteran Child only to get behind the Shaundis. After a few seconds though, the quest will be complete. 


Reward: Super Homie – Shaundi, Homie – Fun Shaundi, Homie – Veteran Child

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