Loyalty – King of the Dance

Finish off Tanya


Enter the simulation and meet up with King in Salander. After dropping off from King's chopper, attack the first infected NPC until you get the prompt to absorb the virus. Follow King again to the next infected npc and stop it from escaping. Once its off of the vehicle, keep attacking it until you can absorb the virus. Next, head to the Gothedral and repeat the same process. 


Next, head to the stripper club being run by Tanya and head inside. Once inside, sign up for amateur night. Head to the backstage and go to the stage to perform a sexy dance. This is a mini-game (if your character is a male, prepare for some eye-bleeding) where you just need to press the correct buttons to do the dance moves correctly. 

After the dance, head to the elevator to reach the rooftop. Chase Tanya and keep doing so until you get the objective to fight her. Remove her shield using your superpower then attack her with your weapons. Once her HP is down to half, she will escape again. Chase her again then finish her off once you get the objective to kill her. Finally, go to the park to inspect her body and to trigger a scene. Quest complete. 


Super Homie – Ben King and Tanya homie will be unlocked