Loyalty - Nytefall

Objective:Join Matt's Adventure


Meet up with Matt in Port Pryor. Once inside the casino, you have to fend off a wave of zombies that will arrive. You don't have powers in this particular simulation so you'll have to rely on your weapons to take out the zombies.


After clearing the casino, head to the exit to meet up with Nyteblade. Get in the car and follow him. You'll be stopped by the Cyprian Order. Kill them all then proceed following Nyteblade. 



Once you've reached the destination, Zinyak will change Matt's simulation, making Nyteblade your enemy. Be careful since you don't have any powers. Don't worry since “human” enemies will join the fray, giving you much needed health drops. After killing Nyteblade, Matt will become a Super Homie – basically a homie with superpowers.


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