Loyalty – Pump Up the Volume

Follow Pierce's plan

Enter the simulation and head to New Baranec to meet up with Pierce. Enter the car and drive to the dock. Once there, take out all enemies and destroy all monster trucks. 


Next, head to the Nuke Plant. Go to the marked location and kill all enemies. Check all crates only to discover that they're all empty. Head to the other side of the building and clear it as well. Open the crate to take the radioactive stuff. 



After that, you'll have to tail the marked enemy vehicle. Get into a car and follow it until you reach the airport. Drive carefully as you can since too much damage can make your vehicle explode. Also, the truck you're pursuing will just ram any vehicle in front of it; be careful of those wrecked vehicles and enemy vehicles that will try to ram and gun you down.  



After reaching the airport, you'll have to kill Maero. He will have a barrier that you need to shut down using your powers before you can hurt him with your conventional weapons. After taking him out, the quest will be complete. 


Super Homie – Pierce will be available through the Phone option in your Hub. Maero also becomes a homie. 

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