Loyalty – Training Day

Enter the car and wait for the VIP to get in as well. Head to the first stop and get out of the car. Escort the VIP as she shops for new clothes. Asha will ask you to evaluate the threat near the VIP. You can kill the threat or let him be. After shopping, get back in the car and head to the second stop. 


Exit the car and get to the rooftop. Since you've been stripped of powers, you have to take the emergency stairs to the rooftop of the marked building. Stay put and wait until hostile snipers appear. Take them all out and regroup with Asha once she tells you to do so. 


Get in the car and proceed to the third stop. You have to take out the enemy shooters along the way until you reach the stop. After getting ambushed, get into cover and take out the enemies as they come. Asha will call in a rescue vehicle so just wait until it arrives. After arriving, make your way to the vehicle only to see it blown up in front of you. Take out the helicopter and get in the car and drive to the next stop. 



After arriving in the last stop, wait a bit and Prof. Genki will appear. Just shoot at him until he transforms into a Super Genki. You don't have powers to deal with him so just run around and avoid getting damaged until Matt enables your powers back. Take out Genki and his furry friends to complete the quest. 



Completing this quest awards you with Super Homie – Tasha and Vehicles – Genki.

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