Obey (One More Time)

Objective: Explore the Rift

Head to the rift in Henry Steel Mills. Here you have to use your telekinesis to pick up “logic bombs” and throw them towards the firewall orbs in the towers. If you hit the orbs with the same color, you'll get a higher score. The towers will send a volley of their bombs which can pretty much break your combos. You can “grab” incoming bombs using your telekinesis as well. There's no time limit but you'll have to work fast to preserve your combo multiplier.




Clear out Zin Troops

Head to Port Pryor and take out the flashpoint there. 


Win Zinyak's favorite game show

Head to Prof. Genki's MOM (Hard) in New Baranec. Most of the rings will be way up so it will help purchasing the Telekinesis's Throw Distance upgrades.



Objective: Meet CID on the ship

Exit the simulation and talk to CID to get your reward. (Telekinesis Element - Lightning)

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