Meet Shaundi on the Ship

Talk to her to get the details of this quest. After updating your list of tasks, go back to the simulation.


Disrupt the System

Head to Wesley Cutter Intl and start the Mayhem (Hard activity) This version of Mayhem will allow you to use a Disintegrator, Shotgun and Pistol. Fortunately, your main power will be the Stomp, making it easier to rake up score multipliers since you can easily destroy a large group of targets around you.  Fortunately, Stomp doesn't have a cooldown in this mode so just stomp away in the middle of several cars and pedestrians.




Race through the System


Head to Salander and take part of the Blazin (Hard) activity there. Like the other Blazin activities, you have to reach the finish as quickly as you can. Meeting the required time for the bronze rank will be enough to complete this objective.




Clear out Zin Troops


For this objective, you have to take out the Flashpoint located in Sunset Park. This is a very light defended position so take out the targets without too much trouble.



Complete Training Program

You have to fight again in the Fight Club (Hard) in Loren Square. For the first wave, you have to take out the ranged enemies that can use telekinesis. For the 2nd wave, you have to defend the position on the top of the platform. Use your blast attacks and stomp to keep the area clear.


The third wave will pit you against Genki Girl. Concentrate your attacks on her, alternating between your different powers. Finally, Junichi will appear. Be careful of his minions since they'll be on fire and will interrupt your character through burning damage. Use stomp when they're near and keep on your toes to avoid getting pummeled by Junichi's telekinesis throws and energy ball attacks.




Assassinate the Rogue Program

Head to the marked location in Sunset Park. Wait for the target to appear then engage them. The fake targets can be taken out easily. However, the main target should be very resilient, up to the point that your notoriety meter will become full and a warden will join the fray. Keep on your toes and use a combination of weapons and superpowers to defeat them.




Objective: Meet Shaundi on the ship

Head back to the ship and talk to Shaundi to receive your reward. (Weapon - Murderbot Minigun)

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