Secret Admirer

Explore the Rift

Head to the star island in Sunset Park and do the Platforming Rift (Hard). Meet the at least the required score for Bronze rank to complete this objective. 




Carjack the Data

Head to the marked location in Yearwood and find the target vehicle. Hijack it and deliver it to the drop off point in Bridgeport. 




Ascend the Tower

Travel to the tower in Rosen Oaks and climb it all the way to the top to activate it. You can just fly to the top using the Void UFO but where's the fun in that? 




Clear out the Zin Troops

Head to the flashpoint location in The Grove. Clear it off enemies to complete this objective. 



Meet Shaundi on the Ship

Head back to the ship and talk to Shaundi to get your reward. (Weapon – Murderbot Minethrower)

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