Simulated Instruction

Objective: Explore the tower

Accept this quest and Kinzie will direct you to the tower in northeast Steelport, in Ashwood. Jump on the platform until you reach the starting point. Press Y at the warp point to get the objective to activate the tower.



Climb the tower on the left side, where you can get two data clusters. If you fall down to the ground, you can use the portal at the base of the tower to teleport back to the starting point. After reaching the edge of the wall where the two data clusters are, jump to the next floating platform and follow the ramp up. You'll find more data clusters along the way.



Once you've reached the warp point, press Y to activate it. Jump again to the next platform and continue making your way at the top while gathering more data clusters. At this point, it will help using the collected data clusters to increase your jump height. Keep going up while grabbing the data clusters along the way and eventually, you'll reach the third warp point. Activate it as well.


Continue jumping your way on the platforms and follow the next ramp leading to more data clusters and the fourth warp point. Activate it and proceed to gather the last three data clusters and you'll reach the topmost platform of the tower. Press Y to access it and complete the objective.





Objective: Simulated Fraud


Head to the marked location in Bridgeport and step on the marker to start the activity. If you played the last Saints Row game, then you should be able to get this done easily. For new players, you need to get deliberately hit by incoming traffic; it's better to get hit multiple times by multiple cars to earn multipliers and increase your score. It will be much easier this time since you have powers. Do a charged jump then control your landing. Press LT or RT to roll in mid-air and while tumbling on the ground.



This may require timing and control but you can repeat this and reap a bucket load of cash. Once you successfully meet at least the quota for bronze, this objective will be complete.




Objective: This Tank's For You

Head to the next objective to unlock a new activity: Tank Mayhem. Like the previous Saints Row game, this activity will let you control a tank and will let you cause as much damage as possible within the time limit. Prioritize the marked targets since they provide more score. The tank has two weapons: a continuous-firing laser and its main turret. Keep holding the laser while you move around and firing the turret. Once you successfully meet at least the quota for bronze, this objective will be complete.



Completing this objective will unlock other Tank Mayhem activities in the city and will also give you an alien Hover Tank at your Gateway Garage.



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